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Twitch, the largest online platform for video game streaming, has surpassed competitors like Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook. With 15 million daily active users and over 120 million monthly viewers, it has evolved into a comprehensive live-streaming video platform with different types of content creators, who are called streamers on Twitch.

Source: Twitch Demographic & Growth Statistics [2023 Updated]

Originally created in 2011 and acquired by Amazon in 2014, Twitch initially focused on streaming video games. However, it now offers a broad range of content, including sporting events, cookery shows, podcasts, and music broadcasts. This expansion has transformed Twitch into a full-fledged social network with features like direct messaging, channel-specific chatrooms, and Pulse – a feature similar to Facebook’s timeline, where users can post and engage with statuses.

The average Twitch user spends 95 minutes per day on the site, which is highlighting the platform’s significant engagement. Twitch also supports a variety of devices, including iOS and Android apps, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like Roku and Chromecast.

Twitch’s influence extends beyond entertainment, making the platform serve as a significant marketing platform. Brands collaborate with different types of streamers on Twitch to influence targeted audiences, leveraging the platform’s diverse range of content categories. During the pandemic, Twitch’s availability of over 100,000 live streams in various categories and languages made it a popular entertainment and income source for many.

Source: Twitchtracker

The fact that now Twitch caters to various niches beyond gaming, makes it a versatile platform for influencer marketing. This diversity allows brands to find suitable Twitch influencers for promotions.The Famesters experts know how your brand can benefit from Twitch marketing. In this article we’re going to get you acquainted with the most popular types of Twitch streamers – so that you make sure Twitch can greatly contribute to your marketing efforts.


Who is the most popular Twitch streamer?


Ninja is one of Twitch’s top-ranked streamers, maintaining a significant presence with 18.5 million followers. From November 2016 to June 2023, he achieved impressive viewership stats, including over 616,000 peak viewers and a total of 357 million Hours Watched. On average, each of his streams attracts over 10,000 followers, with his most popular content focusing on games like Fortnite Zero Build and Fortnite. These numbers underscore Ninja’s enduring popularity and influence on the Twitch streaming platform.


“Just Chatting” streamers: Twitch evolution beyond gaming

“Just Chatting” Twitch streamers represent a growing and popular category on the platform, known for their engaging personalities and community-building focus. These streamers cover a wide array of topics, including cooking, singing, sports, and funny videos, aiming to entertain their audience and foster communities of like-minded individuals. This diversity makes them highly effective in influencer marketing, especially if their content aligns with a brand’s theme.

The “Just Chatting” category stands out for its versatility, allowing streamers to delve into various activities like karaoke sessions, co-working, community building, and more. As of May 2023, this category has become the most popular on Twitch, surpassing even gaming streams. It recorded a remarkable 260 million hours watched and approximately 917,000 peak viewers in May 2023 alone, eclipsing popular games like League of Legends, Valorant, Grand Theft Auto V, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This popularity underscores the significant shift in Twitch’s content dynamics, highlighting the platform’s evolution beyond gaming.

Source: Streams Charts 

IRL (‘in real life’) streamers

IRL streamers on Twitch primarily focus on streaming real-life content rather than video games. They are typically found in the ‘Just Chatting’ category and cover a wide range of activities. This broad category includes various types of streams, such as hosting talk shows or streaming personal activities like shopping trips. This diversity in content allows IRL streamers to attract a wide audience interested in non-gaming, real-life experiences.

Ludwig, a highly popular Twitch streamer, boasts over 1.6 million followers and an average of 20,000 viewers per stream. Known for his entertaining style, Ludwig frequently engages his audience with humor and interactive content. His streams typically feature a variety of activities, including playing chess and watching content from other YouTubers and streamers, especially during his “Just Chatting” streams. This blend of entertainment and interactivity contributes to his substantial viewer engagement and popularity on the platform.

Other types of streamers on Twitch

With the evolution of the platform, more and more different types of Twitch streamers appear. They have their dedicated niche audiences and effectively collaborate with brands.

Creative streamers

Creative streamers on Twitch offer a diverse range of talents beyond the platform’s usual gaming content. These streamers include dig

ital artists, musicians, and other talented individuals who use Twitch to showcase their skills and entertain viewers. For those seeking content different from traditional gaming streams, exploring the world of creative streamers on Twitch can be a refreshing and engaging experience.

  • Music streamers

They specialize in entertaining their viewers with musical content. These streamers, who can be found in the Music Category on the platform, encompass a wide range of musical talents, including DJs, singers, pianists, guitarists, and more. Music streaming on Twitch is notably popular for being the most lurked category. This means that viewers frequently play these streams in the background while they are engaged in other activities such as working, studying, or doing household chores, making it a go-to choice for ambient entertainment.

  • Art Twitch streamers 

These Twitch content creators represent a notable category on the platform, focusing on a wide array of artistic content. These streamers engage their audience with live streams showcasing various art forms, including painting, illustration, graphic design, sculpting, knitting, and digital art. Known for their creativity and passion, the most popular streamers in this category have established themselves as experts in their respective artistic fields. This expertise and their audience base make them particularly ideal for promoting brands within the creative industry, offering unique collaboration opportunities for companies in this sector.

Host streamers

Host Twitch streamers, akin to “just chatting” streamers, focus on entertaining their audience through conversation. However, their approach is more structured, resembling a show or a podcast. These streamers engage in organized discussions and share their opinions on topics they are passionate about. With a clear understanding of what captivates their audience, they align well with niche brands that are relevant to their content and interests. This makes them particularly suitable for collaborations with companies seeking to connect with specific audience segments on Twitch.

The bottom line

On Twitch, any type of streamer has the potential to thrive, but Variety streamers might have a higher chance of becoming popular due to their extensive opportunities for collaboration. A prime example of this was seen in 2020 with the game “Among Us,” which enabled variety streamers to collaborate with up to nine other streamers simultaneously. This feature led to significant audience growth for many streamers, some doubling their audience practically overnight. Playing a game that included streaming giants like Ninja, xQc, Disguised Toast, and others, significantly boosted their visibility and popularity on the platform. 


Twitch is an effective platform for influencer marketing, especially for brands targeting gamers. Influencers, or Twitch Partners as they called on the platform, can promote products through their streams, advertising space, and personal endorsements. While gaming brands find obvious value in Twitch, non-gaming companies can also benefit by offering products for streamers to use and discuss. This can be done through product placements, sponsorships, or by offering free products for streamers to use and discuss during their streams. Well-known brands like Coca-Cola and Pizza Hut have successfully used this strategy.

To effectively use Twitch for influencer marketing, brands can sponsor channels with substantial followings, placing logos on the streamer’s page or video set. For instance, gaming gear manufacturers can provide products to influencers, who may list them as preferred equipment if they like them. Brands can also participate in tournament sponsorships for higher visibility.

The key to marketing on Twitch is to entertain first and advertise second. While Twitch users generally don’t favor direct advertising, they are more receptive to product recommendations from their favorite streamers due to the personal connection and trust built with them. Understanding and researching the target audience on Twitch is key to creating engaging content that resonates with people, striking the right balance between sales and entertainment. Videos showcasing products should be interesting, inspirational and informative. Coupling them with giveaways, contests, or discount offers can enhance their appeal.


Twitch hosts a wide array of communities, catering to diverse interests and content preferences. By following their true interests, streamers can establish channels that resonate with like-minded individuals, paving the way for success. Despite its lesser-known status among the average Internet users, Twitch functions as a hidden social network with passionate supporters and highly effective influencers. This unique environment is recognized by various industries, including corporate gaming companies, movie streaming services, and cable networks, who see the value in marketing on Twitch. This recognition underscores the platform’s potential as a powerful tool for reaching engaged, dedicated audiences.

The Famesters influencer marketing agency cannot ignore the influence of Twitch on niche audiences. We have enough expertise to prepare an impactful Twitch influencer marketing campaign for your brand. We’ll start by conducting a thorough market research and competitor analysis – to figure out whether or not Twitch is going to be a cost-effective platform for promoting your brand. If yes, the Famesters professionals will choose the most relevant Twitch streamers – best fitted for your product. Here at Famesters we accompany our clients at each step of their influencer marketing campaigns – from the very start to a successful finish. Contact us via [email protected], and we will help rocket your business on Twitch!

Frequently asked questions about types of Twitch streamers and Twitch influencer marketing

What is a Twitch streamer?

A Twitch streamer is a content creator who broadcasts live videos on Twitch, engaging with viewers in real-time through chat and other interactive features. Streamers can cover a wide range of content, including gaming, creative arts, music, cooking, and “Just Chatting” sessions. They build communities of followers who regularly tune in to watch their streams, interact with them, and support their content through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.


What are the most popular Twitch categories?

The most popular Twitch categories include:

  • Gaming. This is the largest category, featuring live gameplay, esports, and game commentary. Popular games include Fortnite, League of Legends, and Valorant.
  • “Just Chatting.” This category involves streamers interacting with their audience in real-time, discussing various topics, and engaging in activities like cooking, singing, or watching videos.
  • Music. Streamers perform live music, DJ sets, and other musical content.
  • Art. Streamers showcase their creative processes, including painting, drawing, and digital art.
  • IRL. This category includes real-life activities and events, such as vlogging, travel, and daily routines.


How can my brand benefit from video game streamers on Twitch?

  • Partnering with video game streamers on Twitch offers several key benefits for your brand:
  • Increased visibility. Streamers have large, engaged audiences, giving your brand significant exposure.
  • Enhanced credibility. Trusted streamer endorsements boost your brand’s credibility and influence purchasing decisions.
  • Authentic engagement. Real-time interactions between streamers and their viewers provide genuine and relatable promotion for your products.
  • Immediate feedback. Get instant insights and feedback from the streamer’s audience, allowing for quick product or strategy adjustments.
  • Targeted outreach. Reach specific gamer demographics by partnering with streamers whose audiences match your target market.
  • Higher sales. Streamer recommendations often lead to higher conversion rates due to their followers’ trust.
  • Community building. Leverage the strong, loyal communities that streamers cultivate to build a dedicated customer base.
  • Content creation. Benefit from high-quality, user-generated content created by streamers showcasing your products.

Learn how the Famesters agency helps you get maximum profit from collaborating with Twitch streamers here.


What makes “Just Chatting” streamers effective for influencer marketing?

“Just Chatting” streamers are effective for influencer marketing due to their versatile content and strong community focus. They cover a wide range of topics, making them suitable for various brands. Their engaging personalities and ability to foster close-knit communities help in creating relatable and trustworthy content, which can drive higher engagement and conversions for brands.


What are the benefits of collaborating with IRL streamers?

Collaborating with IRL streamers allows your brand to tap into content that showcases real-life activities, providing a more authentic and relatable marketing experience. This type of streamers attracts diverse audiences interested in everyday experiences, making them ideal for non-gaming brands looking to reach broader demographics. Their streams can seamlessly integrate product placements and live demonstrations, enhancing viewer engagement.


How can creative streamers enhance brand promotions?

Creative streamers enhance brand promotions by showcasing products within their creative processes, such as using specific tools or materials. This type of integration can highlight product features in a natural and engaging way. Creative streamers, like artists or crafters, often have dedicated followings who trust their recommendations, making them effective for promoting brands related to art, music, or creative tools.


Why is Twitch considered a powerful platform for influencer marketing?

It has a large and highly engaged user base, with an average user spending 95 minutes per day on the site. The platform supports a variety of content beyond gaming, allowing brands to find streamers that align with their target audience. Twitch’s interactive features and real-time engagement provide unique opportunities for authentic brand interactions and influencer collaborations.


How can my brand effectively use host streamers for my campaigns?

Host streamers can integrate brand messages into their discussions, creating content that feels like a natural part of the stream. This approach works well for brands targeting niche audiences interested in specific topics. Host streamers can also provide detailed product reviews and endorsements, enhancing credibility and trust.


What strategies can my brand use to engage Twitch users without direct advertising?

You can engage Twitch users by focusing on entertaining content first and incorporating subtle advertising second. Strategies include sponsoring popular streams, providing products for live demonstrations, creating engaging content like giveaways or contests, and using influencer endorsements. It’s crucial to create content that resonates with the audience and feels authentic to the streamer’s usual content.


How can I identify the right Twitch streamers for my influencer marketing campaign?

You can do it by conducting thorough market research to understand your target audience and find streamers whose content aligns with their brand values. You should look at the streamer’s engagement metrics, audience demographics, and previous brand collaborations. Trial collaborations can also help determine if a streamer is a good fit before committing to long-term partnerships. Find out how the Famesters agency selects the most relevant and reliable Twitch influencers here.


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