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Measurement in influencer marketing empowers you to adapt, adjust,
and stand out

The Famesters agency helps you learn how exactly your money works in influencer marketing. Get our detailed reports on your campaigns with influencers, navigate the influencer marketing realm with precision, leveraging state-of-the-art metrics, and make data-based decisions.

Market leaders rely on us running and measuring their influencer marketing campaigns

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Why measure? Know how effective your influencer marketing campaign is

Understanding your campaign metrics isn't just an advantage — it's a necessity. From streamlining your strategies to maximizing ROI, measuring KPIs propels you towards your marketing goals at a faster pace. Diving deep into actionable insights helps adjust your overall strategy, see what formats work best for your brand, and optimize your marketing budget.

Engagement metrics

We help you navigate the heart of your campaigns. Analyze likes, shares, comments, and views to understand content performance.

Audience analysis

We identify who's really watching. Gain insights on demographics, interests, and locations for precise targeting.

Sales & conversion tracking

We help you monitor your bottom line. Utilize affiliate links, promo codes, and UTM parameters to see the direct financial impact of your influencer partnerships.

Content performance

Content is king, but which reigns supreme? We help you identify top-performing influencers, their posts and videos.

The measurement you need in influencer marketing

Calculate your ROI

Every penny counts, especially in marketing. Our reports empower brands to understand the financial returns of their influencer investments and possess the full picture, ensuring every campaign is better than the last. Famesters’ reports get you straight to the point: we show you all the relevant data — from engagement rate levels to overall coverage, from cost-per-mile to cost-per-action.

Calculate your ROI​
Personalized reports

Personalized reports

We understand that every brand is unique, which is why we adapt our reports to you. You need to see what’s your average cost per click, per install, per deposit? Learn about engagement rate and coverage to measure brand awareness? Select specific date ranges, KPIs, or compare different influencers and campaigns. With our visual presentations, from vibrant bar charts to detailed heat maps, insights aren’t just numbers — they tell a story.

Challenges & solutions

When you measure the success of influencer marketing, metrics can be daunting, but we're here to simplify:


Our tools utilize unique tracking links, promo codes, and UTM parameters, leaving no conversion uncredited.

Quantifying non-monetary benefits

From brand sentiment to audience perception, our agency gauges non-tangible benefits, translating them into actionable insights.

Consistent measurement

A uniform approach across campaigns ensures that you're comparing apples to apples, not to oranges.


Learn for yourself how the Famesters influencer marketing agency works. Check our case studies that show how exactly brands benefit from us.
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Create your brand

Establish your brand and promote your products on new markets with the help of Instagram influencer marketing.
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Make it famous

Scale your influencer marketing efforts to all new levels, grow your brand awareness and loyalty via social media channel.
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See what our clients say about how the Famesters agency measures influencer marketing campaign results

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Céline Combelles Konami

The Famesters team immediately understood what type of influencers we were looking to reach the right audience for our game.

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Alex 1XBET

We managed to achieve the goals set in specific regions, as well as, subsequently, consolidate and improve the previously achieved results!

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Arina Ambartsumova FxPro

Thanks to Famesters, we saw a substantial increase in traffic, registrations and account verifications from tagged links and also in organic traffic.

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Adam Cleaver Yager

Famesters team is very easy to work with, they understand our needs and can quickly provide Influencer solutions to our marketing problems.

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