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Frequently asked questions about the Famesters influencer marketing agency

Welcome to the Famesters FAQ page! Navigating influencer marketing can spark questions, and we're here to provide answers. Dive into our most frequently asked topics to learn more about our services and approach. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

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What is Famesters agency?

We are an influencer marketing agency connecting brands and influencers all over the world since 2017. We operate as a full-cycle agency, running your influencer marketing campaigns from preliminary research to final reporting and result analyzing. The Famesters agency is here to manage every stage of your next campaign with influencers and make sure it turns out successful. 

At Famesters, we use a blend of human expertise with advanced technology. Our approach is data-driven, we rely on solid information and numbers, but add human touch to the work. Famesters influencer marketing specialists work with people for people – we approach each brand, influencer, and audience individually to come up with the best solutions that actually work and bring you high ROI, quality traffic, and solvent customers.

What is the Famesters influencer marketing agency pricing? What are your fees?

Our price varies based on your budget. The price you’re quoted includes clear calculations, ensuring that there are no hidden or additional fees. With that, you get a full package of influencer marketing services, including:

  • Creative content and copyright ownership. We make sure you get the legal opportunity to further use the content an influencer creates for your campaign.
  • A dedicated team. You get a team of influencer marketing experts working on your project as if you had an in-house team – except that you don’t need to search for it, hire, and maintain.
  • Thorough analytics. We check each influencer before suggesting them for a collaboration both manually and with the help of AI. Then, during the campaign, we monitor how each influencer and each piece of content performs and suggest adjustments. In the end, you get a full report.
  • 24/7 support. We are always there for you, ready to assist and answer any questions.

What’s the minimum budget you work with? How do you allocate budgets?

The minimum budget our influencer marketing agency works with is $10,000. We strive to get the most of the budget for you, so we suggest splitting it, and this is how and why:

  • Testing. When we initiate a campaign, we allocate just 40% of the overall budget to identify the most lucrative strategies for your promotion.
  • Evaluation. We assess the outcomes, pinpoint the best-performing tactics, and propose fresh concepts for testing.
  • Expansion. We amplify the best-performing strategies using the leftover 60% of the budget to deliver an enhanced ROI for you.

How do you pay influencers? Do costs depend on CPA? Is there a revenue share option?

We work only with a fixed payment for a publication/a pack of publications by an influencer. We negotiate the price on the behalf of our client, considering the influencer’s metrics and previous performance to make sure the price is fair. Unfortunately, CPA-based payments or revenue share between a brand and an influencer cannot be arranged.

What’s the process of work at Famesters?

At Famesters, our work process is streamlined and comprehensive:

  • Analysis & strategy. We begin by studying your brand, product, and the market, understanding your target audience’s behavior, and analyzing your competitors. This research forms the foundation for a successful launch.
  • Campaign preparation. After defining the strategy, we execute it to meet the campaign goals and KPIs. We identify influencers perfectly aligned with your brand, negotiate optimal prices, and ensure all obligations are met.
  • Launch & reporting. We meticulously manage every stage of your advertising campaign, ensuring timely execution and compliance. Our real-time monitoring provides ongoing insights, and at the end of the campaign, you receive detailed performance reports and analytics.

In addition to this primary process, we also offer services like influencer discovery, competitors’ research, media pairing, campaign execution, and legal support.

What kind of guarantees do you provide?

At Famesters, we pride ourselves on offering guarantees that set us apart:

  • Use of advanced AI. We employ our proprietary AI technology to work with top influencers, ensuring powerful and measurable advertising campaigns.
  • Results. Backed by our AI’s deep research and calculations, we confidently forecast campaign performance.
  • Data-driven decisions. All our strategies and actions are rooted in robust data analysis, ensuring you receive genuine engagement without concerns like inflated influencer prices or fake followers.

How do you select influencers for campaigns?

We don’t just download some influencer lists and hand them out to you with approximate prices per influencers’ services. At Famesters, our influencer selection process is a meticulous blend of data-driven analytics and strategic considerations:

  • Advanced AI analysis. We utilize our proprietary AI technology to sift through a vast pool of influencers, ensuring we identify those who align with the specific needs of a campaign.
  • Target audience matching. Understanding your brand’s target audience is paramount. We ensure that the influencer’s followers align with your brand’s desired demographic, behavior, and perception.
  • Engagement metrics. Beyond just follower counts, we focus on engagement rates, ensuring that the chosen influencers have an active and engaged audience that interacts genuinely with their content.
  • Authenticity check. We analyze influencers for signs of fake followers or inflated engagement metrics, ensuring brands collaborate with genuine content creators.
  • Brand alignment. The influencer’s content style, values, and persona must align with the brand’s ethos and messaging. This ensures that the partnership feels organic and resonates with the audience.
  • Performance history. We evaluate the past performance of influencers in similar campaigns to gauge their potential ROI and impact.
  • Budget considerations. We negotiate with influencers to secure optimal rates, ensuring the campaign remains within budget while achieving maximum reach and impact.
  • Legal and contractual compliance. Before finalizing influencers, we ensure they understand and are willing to comply with all contractual obligations, terms, and guidelines.
  • Feedback and iteration. Post-campaign, we collect data and feedback on influencer performance. This iterative feedback loop helps refine our influencer selection process for future campaigns.

By prioritizing both quantitative metrics and qualitative factors, we ensure that the influencers chosen for campaigns are not only effective in reaching target audiences but also foster genuine brand-influencer relationships.

How are you different from other influencer marketing agencies?

Famesters offers several unique features that differentiate us from other agencies:

  • Deep vertical expertise. Famesters is a specialized agency with a deep expertise in specific verticals including PC & Console Gaming, Mobile Gaming, iGaming & FinTech, and Applications & Software. For each vertical, we have a dedicated team that brings a wealth of experience to the table. This specialized approach ensures that we can cater to the unique needs of each market, without a “one size fits all” mentality.
  • Time-sensitive advertising campaign launches. In the fast-paced world of influencer marketing, timing is everything. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the various markets and verticals we operate in, we are adept at executing time-sensitive launches with precision and efficiency. This ensures that your campaign hits the market at the right time to make the most significant impact.
  • Human + AI synergy. While we harness AI’s power for data analysis and influencer discovery, our human touch ensures a balanced, efficient, and personalized approach to every campaign.
  • Full-cycle management. We offer an A to Z campaign management, from initial strategy to post-campaign analysis, working seamlessly as an extension of your team.
  • Strategic testing. Before fully launching a campaign, we use only 40% of the budget for testing, ensuring that we identify and scale the most profitable strategies for the best ROI.
  • Worldwide reach. We don’t limit our campaigns to specific geographies. Whether you’re aiming to penetrate a new market or expand in a current one, our expertise ensures your brand gains global recognition. We have successfully completed over 10,000 of influencer marketing campaigns across 68 countries.
  • Holistic services. From performance strategy and influencer discovery to legal support and multi-platform media pairing, our comprehensive suite of services caters to every aspect of influencer marketing.

By prioritizing data-driven decisions, cutting-edge technology, and a deep understanding of the influencer marketing landscape, we ensure our clients experience unparalleled success in their campaigns.

What are your strongest geos?

We work globally, already covering 68 countries on all continents (except Antarctica). Here are some regions we are currently especially active in:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • CIA
  • MENA
  • East Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceania

Check out our geos page to learn more about where and how we help brands win the hearts and minds of consumers.

Do you have exclusive influencers?

Yes, we do! The ones that work exclusively with Famesters are the influencers who have performed well in the past campaigns and proven themselves to be reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Here are some of our exclusive influencers:

100K average views
Friendly Machine
405 CVV
Ultimate Making
180K average views
107K average views
Alessia Santeramo
Sunny Games
50K average views
Where s Lucie
Where's Lucie?
110K average views
60K average views
160K average views
5 400 CVV
Chill with Aster
45K average views
Ury G
100K average views
Whos Chaos
70K average views
300K average views
80K average views
The Confident Singer
39K average views
860K average views
170K average views
250K average views

Do you take responsibility for approving influencers for a campaign and their drafts? 

We suggest you a selection of influencers that align with your brand’s values, have relevant audiences, create high-quality content, and have prices that fit your budget. Each of the influencers in the selection is carefully and thoroughly vetted by our experts. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to collaborate with the suggested influencers.

As for the drafts that the chosen influencers provide, we can approve them or demand corrections if you delegate this task to us – this helps reduce time costs. Or you can always approve the drafts yourself if you wish so.

What are your most successful cases?

Some of our clients prefer this information to remain under an NDA agreement. We deeply respect the decision. But there are some cases we can share thanks to our partners’ generosity. Here are some of them, check the case studies to learn about the challenges, solutions, and results:

Why is an influencer marketing agency better than an in-house influencer marketing department?

Choosing an influencer marketing agency over an in-house influencer marketing department offers several advantages:

  • Expertise and experience. Famesters agency brings a wealth of experience from working with diverse clients across various sectors. We have a proven track record, insights, and industry know-how that an in-house team might take years to accumulate.
  • Resource efficiency. Setting up an in-house department requires investment in recruitment, training, tools, and continuous professional development. Famesters agency already possesses these resources and can provide services at a scalable cost.
  • Access to advanced tools. We invest in the latest tools, software, and technologies for influencer discovery, analytics, and campaign monitoring. These tools might be prohibitively expensive for individual companies to purchase and maintain. Also, we have our own-developed influencer marketing AI tool.
  • Wide network. At Famesters, we have established relationships with numerous influencers (over 100,000 and counting) across platforms and niches. This network enables our clients to quickly connect with influencers who are a perfect fit for their campaigns.
  • Flexibility and scalability. As your influencer marketing needs change, our agency can easily scale the services up or down. An in-house team might require restructuring or additional hiring to accommodate such changes.
  • Fresh perspective. We bring an outsider’s perspective, which provides innovative ideas and strategies that an in-house team, entrenched in the company culture, might overlook.
  • Risk mitigation. If a campaign doesn’t perform as expected, we can quickly pivot strategies, utilizing our broader industry experience. In-house teams might have limited exposure and could struggle to find alternative solutions as rapidly.
  • Comprehensive services. Famesters influencer marketing agency offers end-to-end services, including strategy formulation, influencer discovery, contract negotiations, campaign execution, analytics, and reporting. An in-house team might need to outsource certain aspects, leading to coordination challenges.
  • Continuous learning. We work on multiple campaigns simultaneously, gaining insights and lessons from each. This continuous learning is transferred to all our clients, benefiting you indirectly.
  • Focus on core competencies. By outsourcing influencer marketing to the Famesters agency, you can focus on your core competencies, ensuring that other crucial business areas are not neglected.

How do I know your influencer marketing agency is reliable?

We understand the importance of trust in our industry, and here are several reasons why you can be confident that Famesters is a legitimate and reliable influencer marketing agency:

  • Proven track record. We have successfully executed thousands of campaigns across various niches, including PC & Console Gaming, Fintech & iGaming, Mobile Gaming, and Apps & Services. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Here are some brands we have worked with:
logo opera
logo igg
logo Yager
logo techland
logo mobile legends
logo bytro
logo youdao
logo bgsoft
logo old onelight apps
logo gem4me
logo mobile
logo alltools
logo just dice
logo opera
logo gogame
logo igg
logo highcore games
logo belka games
logo nordcurrent
logo chillbase
logo gamedesire
logo 1xbet
logo betwinner
logo FxPro
logo capital com
logo exexness
logo weracle
logo paysenger

Client testimonials. Brands from all over the world, including well-known names like Konami, 1XBET, FxPro, and Yager, have vouched for our services. You can find detailed testimonials and feedback from our clients on our website.

logo konami
Céline Combelles Konami

The Famesters team immediately understood what type of influencers we were looking to reach the right audience for our game.

logo 1xbet
Alex 1XBET

We managed to achieve the goals set in specific regions, as well as, subsequently, consolidate and improve the previously achieved results!

logo FxPro
Arina Ambartsumova FxPro

Thanks to Famesters, we saw a substantial increase in traffic, registrations and account verifications from tagged links and also in organic traffic.

logo Yager
Adam Cleaver Yager

Famesters team is very easy to work with, they understand our needs and can quickly provide Influencer solutions to our marketing problems.

  • Years of experience. We’ve been operating for over 7 years in the influencer marketing space, a testament to our stability and reliability in the industry.
  • Transparency. We offer comprehensive, data-backed reports and analytics on campaign performance. Our decision-making process is rooted in data, ensuring accountability at every step.
  • Legal compliance. We offer robust legal support, from drafting contracts to intellectual property rights protection and dispute resolutions, ensuring that all collaborations are above board.
  • Clear communication. Our dedicated team is always ready to address any concerns, provide updates, and ensure you’re well-informed throughout the campaign process.
  • Affiliations and memberships. As a reputable agency, we’re often affiliated with recognized industry organizations and regularly participate in industry events and conferences. Here you can check what the press writes about us, the events, podcasts, and other activities we take part in.

Choosing the right influencer marketing agency is crucial, and we’re committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients. We invite you to reach out, ask questions, and even request references or case studies to further understand our credibility and expertise in the field.

How can I contact the Famesters influencer marketing agency?

You can send us a message via our Contact page or simply reach out via email [email protected].

Also, here are our social media pages: