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Babbel Influencer Marketing Case Studie

Babbel is a globally recognized language learning service, hosting an engaging platform that offers an impressive roster of 13 languages. Their interactive system empowers users to undertake a personalized journey, exploring languages from Spanish to Danish at their own pace. Babbel’s platform also facilitates a vibrant community with live online classes, connecting language learners worldwide. 

With over 10 million subscriptions sold, it’s a go-to resource for institutions and individuals alike, its growth fueled by the endorsements of influential educators and avid language learners globally. The Famesters agency has helped Babbel increase the number of paid subscription purchases even more and engage new influencers in promoting the service. 


Babbel Influencer Marketing Case Studie

Babbel aims at users from English speaking countries, with the UK being the main target for the promotional campaign.  

The main goal was basically to drive sales, increase the number of users who pay for Babbel’s extended service. We also needed to increase brand awareness and get endorsements from reliable influencers who have strong connections with their audiences.


Among the influencers, we prioritized women’s content in the following categories: Lifestyle, Education, Travel, Fashion, Family. The Famesters influencer marketing managers found over 50 relevant influencers from the UK, Australia, and other English speaking countries. 5 best creators from the list were selected for our first ad launch.

Babbel Influencer Marketing Case Studie


One of the benefits the influencers offered to their audiences in terms of the promotion was a promo code – a unique one for each of them. The promo codes gave a 50% discount on a lifetime Babbel subscription.

Our client provided the influencers with a comprehensive and well-structured brief, replete with numerous assets and pre-formulated descriptions. However, to ensure uniqueness and relevance, we mutually decided with the client to encourage the influencers to infuse their content with content-specific characteristics and creative elements.


Babbel Influencer Marketing Case Studie

The influencers genuinely appreciated both the brief and the product. Consequently, all the integrations were brimming with enthusiasm, featuring authentic and enthusiastic presentations of the platform’s benefits. Babbel’s brief was so clear and fitting for the creators that all content drafts were approved upon the first review. As we encouraged the creativity of the influencers, even though all integrations were constructed from the same assets, they each emerged distinctively original.

Since the campaign was launched relatively recently in April 2023, we continue to collect data on the results and discuss further cooperation with the client.


Babbel Influencer Marketing Case Studie

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