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The Famesters agency guards you from fraud in influencer marketing. We make sure your money goes to reliable content creators who are actually able to bring you high ROI and spread the word about your brand and products to relevant audiences.

We protect market leaders from influencer fraud

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Fraud detection in influencer marketing: how we do it for you

AI-powered fraud detection tool

Working with Famesters, you also get advanced AI-based technology at your service. Our own fraud detection tool is tailored specifically for influencer marketing. With its help, we meticulously examine social media profiles, differentiating between genuine engagement and fraudulent activity. This ensures that our clients’ brand campaigns are anchored by authentic influencers, maximizing the potential for genuine audience engagement.

AI-powered fraud detection tool​
Effortless and comprehensive scanning process

Effortless and comprehensive scanning process

We have streamlined the process of detecting fraudulent activities to make it as hassle-free as possible for our clients. By simply submitting the URLs of social profiles to our system, we conduct a comprehensive scan. After the scan, you get a detailed report including all the vital data of the influencer, outlining potential fraudulent activities, if any. This eliminates the need for monthly commitments or cumbersome engagements.

Commitment to transparency and brand safety

Our core belief revolves around transparency and the safety of brand identity in the digital landscape. To uphold this, we grant our clients a deeper, real-time insight into influencer data, campaign metrics, and audience demographics. By providing such extensive data, we equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the influencer marketing terrain confidently and make informed decisions that resonate with genuine audiences.

Commitment to transparency and brand safety

Challenges & solutions for fraud protection in influencer marketing

Fake engagement

We implement AI-based tools to detect irregular engagement patterns and statistically link them to known bot farms, ensuring authenticity.

Trust and resource erosion

We prioritize influencer due diligence, including analyzing past collaborations, content consistency, and engagement rates.

ROI measurement

You get robust data analytics utilized to differentiate real from fake engagement, enabling accurate assessment of campaign impact and ROI.


Learn for yourself how the Famesters influencer marketing agency works. Check our case studies that show how exactly brands benefit from us.
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See what our clients say about how the Famesters agency protects them from influencer fraud and budget loss

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Céline Combelles Konami

The Famesters team immediately understood what type of influencers we were looking to reach the right audience for our game.

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Alex 1XBET

We managed to achieve the goals set in specific regions, as well as, subsequently, consolidate and improve the previously achieved results!

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Arina Ambartsumova FxPro

Thanks to Famesters, we saw a substantial increase in traffic, registrations and account verifications from tagged links and also in organic traffic.

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Adam Cleaver Yager

Famesters team is very easy to work with, they understand our needs and can quickly provide Influencer solutions to our marketing problems.

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FAQ about fraud protection in influencer marketing

Influencer fraud involves deceptive practices like buying fake followers or likes to artificially boost an influencer’s perceived popularity. This deceit can lead to wasted resources, misleading campaign results, and potential harm to your brand’s reputation.

It’s simple: there are some individuals who want your money but don’t want to do the real job. Scammers pretend to be influencers with large followings and high engagement rates to attract advertisers like you — but in the end you don’t get what you need, as your ads get shown to bots or fake subscribers, and none of them can become your actual customer. How can you be sure that the influencer you’ve selected for a collaboration isn’t fake? It’s also simple: contact Famesters, we thoroughly examine each influencer and show you their real stats.

Advanced AI-based fraud-detection technology used by Famesters can analyze social profiles to spot fraudulent engagement patterns and fake followers, ensuring that the influencer’s audience is genuine.

Some unethical influencers purchase fake/bot followers, likes, or comments. Others participate in engagement rings where they artificially enhance each other’s accounts to deceive advertisers.

Contact Famesters: before starting an influencer marketing campaign and even suggesting you a list of relevant influencers for it, we confirm the authentic relationship between an influencer and their audience.

Rapid spikes in follower counts, inconsistent engagement rates, comments that lack relevance to the post, and a significant number of followers from unrelated regions or with generic profiles are potential indicators of fraudulent activities.

Influencer fraud not only misleads brands and wastes their resources, but it also undermines the credibility of the entire influencer marketing industry. Genuine influencers may face increased scrutiny, and brands might become more hesitant to invest in influencer marketing campaigns, stunting the industry’s growth. This is why, at Famesters, we carefully vet every influencer our client plans to work with.