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Gaming is one of the most popular categories among social media influencers and their audiences.
We help you reach out to them and get the gamers loving your products!

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Numbers, facts, and data are vital for gaming and influencer marketing

7+ years of experience
65 countries covered
1 500+ campaigns launched
7 000+ influencers involved
5 000 000+ videos launched on YouTube
1 000 000+ streams held on Twitch
1 000 000+ posts on TikTok
$7 received on average for every $1 spent

We manage the full cycle of the campaign and make the path transparent


Brand & product research



Market research & competitor analysis



Strategy building









Evaluating and reporting

The Famesters agency is here to get maximum for your game out of influencer marketing

Put our expertise in the gaming market at your service

The Famesters team has 5+ years of experience in influencer marketing for games. We love and know PC, console, and mobile games of all genres and categories. And what’s more important, we know how to promote them in the most effective way with the help of influencers across the most popular social media platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Influencer Marketing for Games
Influencer Marketing for Games

Get the most relevant influencers and the best prices

Working with the Famesters agency, you get to collaborate with gaming influencers that have the exact target audiences you need. We create lists of the most relevant and reliable influencers that create high-quality gaming content in your niche and negotiate the prices to get you the best deals. You only need to select the ones to your liking and approve them.

Put all the work on our shoulders and enjoy high ROI

Famesters is a full-cycle influencer marketing agency. This means we have your back at all the stages of an influencer marketing campaign. You get the best offer as we dive deep into your product and brand needs, research the market and analyze your competitors to create the unbeatable marketing strategy specifically for you. You also get detailed reports and can evaluate the performance of each gaming influencer selected and the overall results of the campaign.

Influencer Marketing for Games

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The Famesters team immediately understood what type of influencers we were looking to reach the right audience for our game.

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Céline Combelles Konami

Famesters team is very easy to work with, they understand our needs and can quickly provide Influencer solutions to our marketing problems.

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Adam Cleaver Yager

It has been an outstanding experience. Famesters exceeded our expectations! We look forward to continuing our successful partnership

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Aynur Bulatov Lian Qiao Media

Famesters delight with their approach to work, which makes it possible to achieve the best results. Every step is great. Thank you!

Vitaly Arkhipov ChillBase

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Learn for yourself how the Famesters influencer marketing agency works. Check our case studies that show how exactly video games benefit from us

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Questions and answers about gaming and influencer marketing

Yes. Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channels, it’s estimated to reach $15 billion by the end of 2022. Audiences trust influencers more than brands and even celebrities, as they see social media influencers as more close, approachable, and genuine people. And the gaming community is huge, especially on YouTube and Twitch. Gaming videos and live streams get hundreds of thousands and even millions of views – and they can be within your campaign. With the help of influencers, your coverage and brand awareness rocket up. The Famesters agency is here to manage your influencer marketing campaign wisely and get you the best possible results.

Relevant influencers that are also reliable and enthusiastic about your game can be hard to find, but not for Famesters. Rely on us: we already have the experience of working with gamers on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms where your target audience can be. We search for the right influencers with the help of advanced hi-tech tools, including our own one, designed specifically for gaming influencers discovery.

You can be sure the influencers on your list are good as we check each of them, learn whether their followers are fake and whether their content is at a high level. You can also get the data on each influencer’s previous performance and see what other brands they have worked with.

It’s easy: you can rely on data. In the very beginning, you set the goals for the campaign. We can help make them measurable and more transparent. You may want to cover the most of the possible audience and get maximum views on YouTube; or attract new gamers and set the expected cost per install of your game; or need to win a new market and beat your competitors there. Depending on your goals, we count and analyze the results and get you detailed reports on the campaign, including all the metrics there.

By leveraging targeted gaming influencer services, the Famesters gaming influencer agency ensures that your new game is introduced to a passionate and engaged audience. Our agency connects your brand with influencers who specialize in your game’s genre, maximizing visibility and excitement around the launch. This strategic alignment with the right gaming voices can significantly impact your game’s initial traction and long-term success.

We offer a comprehensive suite of gaming influencer services, including influencer identification and vetting, creative campaign strategy, content creation guidance, negotiation and contract management, payment and transaction services to make your work with influencers more convenient, and performance tracking and analysis. We ensure that every aspect of your campaign is tailored to engage the gaming community effectively. Note that we are a full-service gaming marketing agency, which means that we do all the work from A to Z, you only need to approve and observe each stage and enjoy the results.

Success measurement is a cornerstone of our approach at Famesters. We utilize advanced analytics and KPIs tailored to the gaming industry, such as game downloads, in-game payments, engagement rates, and direct feedback from the community. Our detailed reporting allows you to see the impact of video game influencer marketing on your brand’s objectives, providing clear insights into ROI and areas for optimization.

Absolutely! We have extensive experience of 7+ years in promoting PC and console games through influencer marketing. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the PC and console gaming segment and tailor our strategies to maximize engagement and conversions, whether your goal is increasing app downloads or in-game purchases.

For indie developers, working with us means getting access to a network of gaming influencers passionate about discovering and sharing new games. Our expertise in crafting compelling narratives around indie titles can help your game stand out in a crowded market, driving awareness, engagement, and loyalty among gaming communities.

We prioritize a deep understanding of both your brand’s identity and the unique profiles of gaming influencers. This dual focus allows us to curate partnerships that are authentic and mutually beneficial, ensuring that the influencer’s content and audience align perfectly with your game’s vision and goals. Through strategic selection and creative collaboration, we ensure that every video game influencer marketing campaign resonates with the target audience and reinforces your brand’s presence in the gaming world.

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