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Konami Digital Entertainment is the core company of Konami Group. It develops different types of games that win the hearts of gamers: mobile, console, card games. It’s responsible for gifting the world such top-tier franchises as eFootball, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Contra, as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game series. For Konami, Famesters worked on the Getsu Fūma Den: Undying Moon (also spelled as GetsuFumaDen) promotion. It’s a new hack-and-slash game released in February, 2022, for Nintendo Switch and Windows. The players are suggested to lead the main character through procedurally generated levels that bring not only the adventurous joy but also the pleasure of watching a ukiyo-e styled environment.


The primary request was to attract new users and boost the purchases of the GetsuFumaDen game. Konami was aimed at the Tier-1 regions, specifically Germany, France, Spain, and English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, and Australia.

Another goal we set for this ad campaign together with Konami was to create brand awareness and a positive image – not only of the game itself but also of the entire company.


YouTube and Twitch are still the best platforms to promote video games, so we chose them to reach out to the gaming community. Our influencers of choice were mostly those who made multigaming and single gaming content, we also turned our attention to dedicated Nintendo Switch users. 

There were a few video games that were of preference, such as Lost Ark, Genshin Impact, Skul: the Hero Slayer, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, The Witcher 3, Sekiro, Dead Cells, and others. They may or may not be the direct competitors of GetsuFumaDen, but the gamers who love them are those who take interest in Konami’s new product.

As GetsuFumaDen is actually a sequel to a game launched in 1987 in Japan, the creators whose audiences were keen on older fighting and traditional anime were also on our list. 

We chose 3 ad formats to use: YouTube integrations, YouTube exclusive videos, and Twitch streams that are at least 2 hours long. All the influencers were given specifications on a neatly tailored technical task that considered the peculiarities of each ad format. Among the specifications, we indicated the major bullet points for the influencers to speak of so that they could present the game in the best way possible.


We helped generate 31% of the traffic to the game’s landing page during the ad campaign month.

We managed to get 4 138 clicks from Twitch and 10 269 clicks from YouTube, that makes it 14 407 clicks in total. The average CTR increased to 25.98% on Twitch and to 4.04% on YouTube.

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