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Numbers, facts, and data are vital for mobile gaming and influencer marketing

5+ years of experience
53 countries covered
1 500+ campaigns launched
7 000+ influencers involved
5 000 000+ videos launched on YouTube
1 000 000+ streams held on Twitch
50% – average campaign ROI
$7 received on average for every $1 spent

We manage the full cycle of the campaign and make the path transparent


Brand & product research


Market research & competitor analysis


Strategy building






Evaluating and reporting

Famesters know how to get the maximum ROI from influencer marketing for mobile games

Our expertise in mobile gaming influencer marketing is at your service

We have 5+ years of experience in influencer marketing for mobile games. We know what formats to use to promote mobile games with the help of influencers in the most efficient way; we create fully customized strategy for your mobile game; use the most popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and others to bring your message to the largest loyal audiences.

You get relevant influencers with the best prices

We know how to discover them fast for you. And if the prices seem off, we successfully negotiate them with the selected influencers. Famesters use cutting-edge technology to search for the content creators that will bring maximum profit to your mobile game. Only those with the best performance results, relevant content and audience data appear on our lists.

We manage influencer marketing campaign for your mobile game from A to Z

You get Famesters as your in-house influencer marketing department. We learn everything about your mobile game, competitors, market, target audience, and base our strategy on solid data. We are a full-cycle agency to bring you the best results possible after each campaign: you can be sure you got the best offer after getting our detailed reports. We always prove all the statements by figures – they don’t lie.

See what mobile gaming industry experts think about Famesters’ influencer marketing campaigns

Céline Combelles Konami

The Famesters team immediately understood what type of influencers we were looking to reach the right audience for our game.

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Alex 1XBET

We managed to achieve the goals set in specific regions, as well as, subsequently, consolidate and improve the previously achieved results!

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Arina Ambartsumova FxPro

Thanks to Famesters, we saw a substantial increase in traffic, registrations and account verifications from tagged links and also in organic traffic.

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Adam Cleaver Yager

Famesters team is very easy to work with, they understand our needs and can quickly provide Influencer solutions to our marketing problems.

    Case studies

    Learn for yourself how the Famesters influencer marketing agency works. Check our case studies that show how exactly mobile game developers and producers benefit from us.

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    Create your brand

    Establish your brand and promote your products on new markets with the help of content creators.
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    Make it famous

    Scale your influencer marketing efforts to all new levels, grow your brand awareness and loyalty via social media channel.
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    Questions and answers about mobile gaming and influencer marketing

    It’s a type of marketing that gets your mobile game sales, installs, and new users with the help of social media influencers. Gaming community is strong and large online, especially on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. And there are a lot of popular gaming influencers who have loyal followers ready to listen to their advice. When an influencer shows your mobile game and recommends it to their audience, the game gets a significant boost in downloads and new users. With this, influencer marketing becomes one of the most effective ways to promote mobile games. 

    Here’s some data for your information: marketers admit that the ROI from influencer marketing is 11 times higher than from other types of advertisement; 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations and only 38% trust brand-generated content.

    1. Research your target market and competitors.
    2. Learn what your target audience likes, what is trending in your niche.
    3. Build an influencer marketing strategy, considering all the risks.
    4. Discover relevant influencers.
    5. Negotiate the prices for influencers’ services, draw up documents to sign.
    6. Check the influencers’ drafts, approve them or explain what has to be changed.
    7. Monitor the influencers’ content, control content relevance and posting time.
    8. Monitor your mobile game metrics.
    9. Measure and analyze the results of your influencer marketing campaign.

    Or you can simply contact Famesters, and we will create, launch, monitor your campaign and report the results. Our specialists with 5+ years of experience in influencer marketing for mobile games are ready to help you make the most out of collaborations with influencers on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

    Find the relevant influencer and their contacts, tell them about your mobile game, negotiate the price, and make an agreement. Don’t forget to sign the corresponding documents! 

    Some influencers have their (or their agent’s) email stated in their profiles on social media. Some prefer to be DMed on the platforms themselves. Others can only be reached via an agency: Famesters also have such exclusive influencers that will only promote a mobile game with our help.

    Famesters are ready to get the entire gaming community to know your awesome mobile game. Are you ready to win the market and the hearts of the audience?
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