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In the world of mobile gaming, few titles have garnered as much attention and acclaim as PUBG Mobile. Even if you don’t play battle royale games, you have heard of PUBG Mobile. Even if you don’t play mobile games, you have heard of PUBG Mobile. If you are not into gaming at all but use YouTube, you most definitely have heard of the game anyhow. This is due to 2 major factors: 1) gamers love battle royale games and YouTube, 2) PUBG Mobile has a huge, massive presence strategy for influencer marketing in general and YouTube influencer marketing in particular. Beyond the immersive gameplay and intense battle royale showdowns lies a meticulously crafted influencer marketing strategy that has propelled the game to stratospheric levels of popularity.

In the end, LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games responsible for the game’s developments, has spent approximately $82.2 million on YouTube influencer marketing for the last year alone, according to our research. The Famesters experts have analyzed PUBG Mobile’s strategy, publications dynamics, the influencers engaged in the campaign, revenue, and more. Now we are ready to share the insights with you. See how a gaming brand can become one of the most loved and mentioned on YouTube.


As it was stated earlier, the research revealed that PUBG Mobile’s approximate budget got to $82.2 million – quite generous, and where did it get the game? Right now, it’s #6 among all the games mentioned on YouTube. For the last year, it got 28.78k mentions and 1.76B views. The number of ad mentions amounted to 26.49k – it’s 92% of the overall amount.

As you can guess, there was no day without any mentions of PUBG Mobile on YouTube: the calendar is full, here are the last two months for example:

Saturday seems to be the stellar day for the game: Saturday accounts for 15.74% of all weekly mentions. Monday is the most “quiet” day: it only gets 12.65% of weekly mentions. Well, that seems to be logical: Saturdays are traditionally days off for many working people, reserved for fun, games, and YouTube.

Although we are talking mostly about YouTube, PUBG Mobile also has some of its budget allocated to Twitch – 7%, to be more precise:

Geography of mentions

Can you guess what country’s influencers mention PUBG Mobile most frequently? We bet you don’t. If your answer is the US, you are close, but not there: Turkey is the winner here!

Top 5 countries by mentions are:

  1. Turkey
  2. The USA
  3. Pakistan
  4. Vietnam
  5. Indonesia


Who are the people promoting PUBG Mobile on YouTube? What influencers do the game’s marketing experts choose? 

First of all, the main category of YouTube content the game uses is obvious: it’s Gaming, 76% of the influencers promoting the game operate within it.

But that’s not all that is there. The pop 5 categories of influencers working with PUBG Mobile are:

  1. Gaming
  2. Entertainment
  3. People & Blogs
  4. Sports
  5. Film & Animation
influencer category 2

The average influencer that makes videos for PUBG Mobile usually has:

  • 186k views on their videos
  • 1.46M subscribers
  • Engagement rate of 9.12%

The average price for an integrated ad is $2.55k, resulting in an average Cost Per Thousand views (CPM) of $13.7.


Here’s one of the recent YouTube videos with PUBG Mobile ad integrated in it. 

Zeeyad x channel – a Turkish one – has 1,32M subscribers; the influencer’s videos get 497k views on average, and his average engagement rate is 3.24%. This video performed better than that: it already has over 622k views, and its engagement rate has gotten to 13.01%.

Another example – a recent video from Thailand. The Atompakon channel has over 2M subscribers, and despite being quite a big one with that, the videos get only 80k views on average. Also, the engagement rate is quite low – less than 1%. Collaborating with such channel may be a big risk for a brand, and PUBG Mobile took it. The result isn’t bad at all: the video with the game promotion got over 76k views, and its engagement rate is significantly higher than average – 14.23%. Also note that the channel isn’t even a gaming one, Atompakon is an artist, and this dedicated video shows him drawing for PUBG Mobile.

And this one is of another format – a one-minute YouTube Short one. The Husam Kwaik channel (from the United Arab Emirates) has 3.8M subscribers, its Shorts get 4M views on average. This one dedicated to PUBG Mobile has almost gotten to that point – now it has over 3.7M views and an engagement rate of 4.87%.

So what about money?

Yes, the question is – how does it all affect the game’s revenue? In 2023, monthly global player spending on PUBG Mobile reached $103.96 million. And since PUBG Mobile’s launch in 2018, the overall revenue surpassed the milestone of $10 billion in 2023. It makes the game the second most profitable one by Tencent (right after the #1 Honor of Kings).

Most of the game’s revenue comes from China – 60.3%. But Chinese market is set somewhat apart from the global one. So here are the top 3 countries that have contributed the most to PUBG Mobile’s revenue so far apart from China:

  1. The USA – 10.7%
  2. Japan – 3.7%
  3. South Korea – 1.6%

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