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Report - Fortnite Save The World

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The battleground of YouTube versus Twitch for game marketing supremacy is as intense as the virtual arenas they broadcast. For Fortnite, a titan in the gaming world, the question of which platform reigns supreme for promotion is more nuanced than mere user statistics. In this article we’re going deeper into the intricate dance of influencer marketing, dissecting the strengths and peculiarities of each platform in the context of promoting Fortnite: Save The World.

Despite the difference in user base size, Twitch emerges as the unexpected frontrunner for Fortnite: Save The World mentions, signaling a vibrant nexus for the game’s community. However, the plot thickens as YouTube, with a smaller relative share of mentions, astonishingly secures the third spot for most mentions of the game on its platform. Let’s dissect these dynamics, offering an analytical peek into the influencer marketing strategies employed, the geographical spread of the game’s mentions, the nuanced portrayal of the typical Fortnite influencer on YouTube, and the surprising engagement statistics on Twitch.

From influencer portraits to mention dynamics and geographical insights, we peel back the layers of marketing strategies that have propelled Fortnite: Save The World into the spotlight on both platforms. We also highlight specific influencers who have made significant contributions to the game’s visibility, juxtaposing the numerical might of YouTube with the qualitative clout of Twitch. Whether you’re a marketer looking to harness the power of influencer marketing or a gaming enthusiast curious about the behind-the-scenes of game promotion, our article promises a comprehensive overview that could ignite the next wave of gaming sensations. Let’s start!


Both platforms have vast gaming communities, and both have their unique perks that can help you promote a video game. In most cases, YouTube prevails and attracts more money from game producers and developers as it has more users in general: 2.70 billion monthly active users vs. 140 million on Twitch. But with Fortnite: Save The World the story isn’t a typical one: most of the mentions come straight from Twitch, it seems to be the major platform for the game.

Now, mention allocation of Fortnite: Save The World is like this:

mention allocation

And here’s what’s crazy: even with such allocation, Fortnite: Save The World is the 3rd most mentioned game on YouTube so far! So we’ll break down the influencer marketing strategies on both platforms.


As we have mentioned earlier, the game maintains the bronze medal for the overall number of mentions on YouTube. In the last year, all the metrics have noticeably decreased for Fortnite compared to the previous period: for example, the number of views has decreased by 186%. But the game still remains one of the most loved by YouTube gamers: 

  • 5.56k influencers have mentioned it over the year.
  • Fortnite: Save The World got 94.17k mentions on YouTube.
  • 7.69B – this is how many views it got.

With this amount of mentions, it’s even needless to say that there hasn’t been a single day without someone releasing a video with a Fortnite mention. As for weekdays, Tuesday and Wednesday are the ones that collect the most mentions: 16.7%. Friday and Sunday are the “weakest” days as they get only 12.5%.

distribution of mentions by day

Geography of mentions

The USA is the country that seems to love Fortnite: Save The World the most: 24% of mentions come from there. The list of top 5 countries looks like this:

  1. The USA – 24%
  2. Japan – 10%
  3. Brazil – 7%
  4. France – 6%
  5. United Kingdom – 5%


Of course gamers, gaming influencers are the first choice for the game’s promotion. Most of the mentions on YouTube come from them, but there also are some other categories of influencers that post videos with Fortnite ads:

influencer category

Top 5 categories of content Fortnite marketers choose are:

  1. Gaming – 88%
  2. Entertainment – 5%
  3. People & Blogs – 2%
  4. Music – 1%
  5. Film & Animation – 1%

Let’s take a closer look at an average YouTube influencer that gets to promote Fortnite: Save The World:

  • On average, they have 412k subscribers.
  • Their average number of views is 44k.
  • The average engagement rate is 8.53% – which is good for YouTube. Here are benchmarks for you to consider:
  • The average price per an advertisement is $714.
  • The average CPM (Cost Per Thousand views) results in $16.2.


Here’s one of the YouTube Shorts videos made by Corey Tonge – the channel has 11M subscribers. This video has over 9.3 million views, over 294.8k likes, and an engagement rate of 3.14%. The creator is from Canada, note that he has made 6 such Fortnite videos for the last year. In this one, he compares it with another game, Roblox.

And this one is a longer video from an Australian channel LazarBeam that has 20.9M subscribers. It is kind of a comeback of a gamer who hasn’t been playing Fortnite for a long time and is now turning to it once again. Guess Fortnite really has that effect on people! The video has almost 6M views, over 209k likes, and an engagement rate of 3.73%.


On Twitch, Fortnite is the number one by mentions: without doubt, the community loves, and also the game’s marketers know how to leverage this power of the streaming social media platform. Despite the fact that for the last year, Fortnite: Save The World has been doing a bit worse than during the previous period in terms of mentions – their number decreased by 31% – the number of views, on the contrary, grew by 30% and almost got to 2B. Here are more numbers for the past year:

  • 136.45k streamers mentioned Fortnite.
  • 2.57M is the number of mentions.
  • 1.99B – the number of views.

And yes, the game gets mentions on Twitch each day, every day without fail. But unlike on YouTube, here Sunday is the day people seem to play Fortnite the most – 16.9% goes to it, while Monday is the “quietest” day with 12.3%.

destribution of mentions by day


Here’s what’s interesting: the average numbers of views (41.1) and subscribers (14.6) per stream are quite low compared to the numbers we are used to seeing on YouTube. But with the number of influencers playing and promoting the game, it makes a significant impact on the gaming community. Also it means regular players that may not be big names or have a large subscriber base love Fortnite – and they are actually those who form the community, the audience.

What’s impressive is the engagement rate – it gets to 44.6%. Also the average price per streamer’s service is quite low – $154. 

And more about the streamers and their audience – here are the top 5 languages spoken by the Twitch influencers playing Fortnite:

  1. English – 49%
  2. Spanish – 18%
  3. German – 7%
  4. Portuguese – 6%
  5. French – 6%

As Twitch deletes past broadcasts after 60 days (at most), here are the top 10 influencers that have streamed Fortnite on Twitch for the past year:

top 10 influencers that have streamed Fortnite on Twitch for the past year

Note that there Twitch’s most adored and most-followed streamers like auronplay, ibai, Rubius, Tfue, juansguarnizo, and pokimane – they all are on Twitch’s top 10 list.


Up to now, Fortnite, launched in 2017, has generated over $26M of revenue. Who are the people paying? They are over 500M registered users, mostly male (90%), who play the game 6-10 hours every week. Right now, there are 231M monthly active Fortnite users. As you can see from the report, it became possible to achieve these numbers with the help of influencer marketing on Twitch and YouTube. Feel inspired yet? The Famesters influencer marketing agency can help your game rise just like that! Contact us via [email protected] or use the contact form on our site.


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