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Financial influencer marketing is not a boring type of promotion that makes you yawn and skip the ads – it’s what modern financial services brands choose to attract both young adults like Millennials & Gen Z and older generations that really worry about their savings, income, and financial activities in general. Famesters is a fintech and crypto influencer agency that helps you attract interested and engaged audiences.
We are here to do all the work, you are here to get new customers and the highest ROI from your financial services influencer marketing campaign.

Join the financial and crypto industries’ leaders that choose Famesters

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The Famesters fintech & crypto influencer marketing agency expertise in numbers

7+ years of experience
65 countries covered
4 000+ campaigns launched
20 000+ influencers involved
5 000 000+ videos launched on YouTube
1 000 000+ posts on TikTok
1 000 000+ posts on Instagram
$7 received on average for every $1 spent

How you can benefit from financial influencer marketing

Reach a wider audience, increase your coverage

4.95 billion, or 61% of the entire Earth’s population use at least one social media platform. On average, a user has 7 accounts on different platforms. This means there are billions of people waiting to learn about your financial brand.

Drive more deposits, registrations, sales

Influencer marketing for blockchain, crypto, financial services, and the like is not just about making your brand famous – it’s also about bringing measurable profit. Influencers perform better than old-fashioned branded content – that’s what 66% of marketers say.

Save time, increase efficiency

Famesters financial and crypto influencer agency does all the work for you to bring the most profit and save you from wasting time. Our expertise lets us manage your campaign from A to Z and bring maximum results as soon as possible. Additional value: no need to hire and teach in-house managers.

Why financial brands choose Famesters crypto influencer marketing agency

Dedicated fintech influencer marketing specialists at your service

Our team has been at the forefront of influencer marketing specifically tailored for the fintech, crypto, and financial services sectors for over 7 years. We bring to the table a wealth of experience gained from successful collaborations with influencers across key platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. We understand the nuances of promoting financial products and services, ensuring your brand gains prominence and your offerings become sought after in the market.

Dedicated fintech influencer marketing specialists at your service
Connecting you with the most relevant influencers at optimal rates

Connecting you with the most relevant influencers at optimal rates

We ensure that your brand is paired with influencers who resonate deeply with your target demographic. Our selection process involves negotiating with top-tier influencers within the fintech and crypto spaces, as well as other niches that are relevant and attract your target audience, to guarantee outstanding value for your investment. Your involvement is clear-cut: from our handpicked selection, simply approve the influencers who you like the most – we have already made sure they align best with your brand's vision and objectives. Our streamlined process ensures that your campaign is perfectly in sync with your brand’s goals and reaches the right people effectively.

Comprehensive influencer marketing management tailored for financial, crypto, and blockchain brands

You choose to work with us – you entrust your influencer marketing campaign to seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results. From the initial stages of understanding your financial product and brand identity, through in-depth market and competitor analysis, to the development and execution of a kicking financial influencer marketing strategy, our team is with you every step of the way. Additionally, we provide comprehensive reports, giving you insight into the performance of individual influencers and the overall campaign. Basically, we do all the work, and you enjoy the results and welcome new customers driven by influencers.

Comprehensive influencer marketing management tailored for financial, crypto, and blockchain brands
69% of consumers trust influencer recommendations when spending money
76% of consumers have spent money on something they have seen on social media. It especially considers Gen Z and Millennials who are most likely to make a purchase or take an action after they see influencer-created ads.
200+ million influencers are already monetizing their content – and we choose the most relevant ones from them, the ones that can deliver your message to the target audience.
145 minutes – this is how much time an average consumer spends on social media every day. It’s more than enough to fit your message. Some of these minutes are made for influencers to introduce your financial brand to users.
45% of Millennials, 39% of Gen Z, and 31% of Gen X say they prefer to discover new brands via social media platforms. They become new search engines – and financial brands should leverage them faster to attract the most new customers.

Without regular engagement with customers, financial brands might operate based on assumptions rather than actual customer needs. Influencer marketing is what sheds light on customer opinions about your brand and products. It also initiates a cycle of feedback, allowing for the enhancement of existing products based on customer input.

See what industry experts think about Famesters’ influencer marketing for fintech

During our long-term cooperation, many times we managed to achieve the goals set in specific regions, as well as, subsequently, consolidate and improve the previously achieved results!

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Alex 1XBET

Thanks to Famesters, we saw a substantial increase in traffic, registrations and account verifications from tagged links and also in organic traffic.

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Arina Ambartsumova FxPro

Famesters' well-thought strategy was a game-changer. Their precision in influencer outreach ensured we effectively reached our target markets, especially in challenging geographies. Kudos to the team!

Daria Gubina Leon

The flow of your next successful crypto influencer marketing campaign:
how we do it

Studying your financial brand and products

We begin with a deep dive into your fintech, crypto, or financial services brand. We don't rush into strategy; instead, we conduct comprehensive research to fully grasp the intricacies of your product and your specific business ambitions. By understanding the unique features of your financial product and identifying your target market, we're able to pinpoint the most effective marketing tactics. This ensures that the financial influencer marketing strategies we propose are perfectly aligned with your goals, leading to smarter, more focused efforts toward your desired outcomes.

Competitor analysis and market research

Staying ahead in the fintech and crypto markets means understanding the competition and the specific market dynamics of the regions you're targeting. We offer our experience in covering all the regions you may wish to conquer, be it North America, Europe, Asia, MENA, or beyond. Our market and competitor analysis minimizes the risks encountered by your competitors and customizes your financial services influencer marketing to resonate with the cultural nuances of your target audience.

A successful strategy for your financial influencer marketing

Crafting an influencer marketing strategy for fintech and financial services demands a nuanced understanding of the target audience's preferences, the peculiarities of various social media platforms, markets, etc. Our crypto influencer marketing agency’s experts put their expertise in these areas to good use, building strategies that focus on your objectives and KPIs to drive the highest possible results, including ROI, sales, brand awareness, and more.

A successful strategy for your financial influencer marketing
Tests and adjustments for the best results

Tests and adjustments for the best results

Every influencer marketing theory requires rigorous testing, especially in complex niches like financial services and crypto that require solid data to rely on. This is our initial step when launching a campaign for your brand. Testing reveals what resonates most with your target audience, the types of content they value, and which influencers yield the best performance. This insight allows us to remain agile, fine-tuning your crypto influencer marketing strategy to harness the most effective methods for optimal profit.

Analytics, success measurements, and reports

Launching your influencer campaign is just the beginning. We monitor its progress in real-time, making necessary adjustments along the way and conducting a thorough analysis of the results. You'll receive a detailed report covering every aspect of the campaign, from individual influencer performances to the overall impact. Additionally, we provide analytics insights and guidance on the next steps in your fintech influencer marketing, ensuring continued success and growth.

Analytics, success measurements, and reports

Case studies

Discover how our fintech & crypto influencer marketing agency works: from in-depth analysis of your specific needs to delivering comprehensive reports on campaign outcomes. Explore our case studies to understand the advantages your crypto brand can gain by partnering with us.

Create your brand

Establish your brand and promote your products on new markets with the help of content creators.

Make it famous

Scale your influencer marketing efforts to all new levels, grow your brand awareness and loyalty via social media channel.
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Stay ahead with industry leaders insights

Frequently asked questions about financial, crypto, and blockchain influencer marketing

Influencer marketing for blockchain, crypto, and financial services leverages the trust and credibility established by influencers. Influencers can simplify complex topics for their audience, enhance brand visibility, and drive engagement by providing authentic insights and recommendations about financial products, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies. Also, according to our influencer marketing report, 4.95 billion people on Earth – or 61% of the entire world’s population – use social media platforms. It’s a huge audience, and your potential customers are a part of it. And even though around 87% of banks are at least present on social media, as found in a survey by the American Banking Association, many companies in the financial sector still haven’t fully embraced the benefits of influencer marketing. This opens up a big chance for your company to be ahead of the curve and grab a major share of leads and sales through influencer marketing.

Choosing the right influencers, we rely on data first. So, in the beginning we evaluate their accounts’ and followers’ statistics. Then, we make sure selected influencers alight with your values and are able to communicate complex ideas in an accessible manner. Additionally, analyzing the authenticity of their followers can help determine their potential impact and make sure the influencers we offer to collaborate with are reliable – our crypto influencer marketing agency protects you from potential fraud.

Yes, the financial, crypto, and blockchain sectors are subject to specific regulatory considerations, especially concerning transparency and the disclosure of partnerships. Influencers and brands must adhere to guidelines set by regulatory bodies like the SEC and FTC, ensuring that sponsored content is clearly marked and that any financial advice provided complies with legal standards to avoid misleading consumers. This is why we have a legal team that ensures the ad integrations influencers create alight with the necessary rules and your brand is thus protected.

Measuring ROI involves tracking specific metrics linked to campaign objectives, such as lead generation, website traffic from influencer referrals, conversion rates for transactions or sign-ups, and social media engagement metrics. Advanced analytics tools and blockchain technologies can also track attribution more accurately, providing insights into the customer journey and the direct impact of influencer campaigns. Remember that the measurements depend on the KPIs you set up before launching a crypto or blockchain influencer marketing campaign.

KPIs for these campaigns can include engagement rate (likes, comments, shares), conversion rates (sign-ups, downloads, purchases), reach and impressions, follower growth, and the quality of audience interaction. Additionally, tracking website traffic and analyzing click-through rates from influencer content can provide insights into campaign effectiveness. In the end, it all depends on what exactly you need to achieve, so set the goals – and our crypto influencer marketing agency will help you with the rest.

The Famesters influencer marketing agency experts conduct thorough due diligence on potential influencers, ensuring their credibility and the authenticity of their audience. Establishing clear communication regarding the campaign’s goals, expectations, and regulatory compliance is essential. Also, using secure and transparent tracking methods to monitor campaign performance and ROI helps us in making informed decisions and adjustments as needed.

Your new customers are out there, waiting for influencers to tell them about your financial brand! Contact us to start your next successful crypto influencer marketing campaign!

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