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What’s happening in the influencer marketing industry?

Famesters experts know and share the insight with you! Our influencer marketing report is packed with in-depth research data and analytics. Here, you get an all-access pass to evolving strategies and emerging trends in influencer marketing. This is a world where data is king and insights are key.

Data and statistics

What do numbers say about the state of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and other popular platforms? See in the report: these stats can impact your marketing strategy for 2024.

Influencer marketing trends

Learn how brands prefer to collaborate with influencers, what strategies actually work, and how you can leverage the trends for your next successful campaign.

Consumers’ behavior

Is influencer marketing really that effective? See how influencers change the ad landscape and learn the impact they have on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Experts’ predictions

You don’t need to ask industry experts about the latest trends and how to develop effective influencer marketing strategies in 2024. We have already done it for you!
76% of users have made a purchase after they saw the product on one channel
Can you guess the channel? No more teasing: it’s social media. Social media platforms become more and more of a search engine when it comes to searching for brands and products before deciding on a purchase.
Also, 31% of consumers prefer discovering new products through influencers! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Download the report to learn more!

Things about influencer marketing you need to consider in 2024

The Famesters influencer marketing agency has gathered and arranged all the vital information you will need in this ultimate influencer marketing report. Use it to enhance your influencer marketing strategy!
  • The state of influencer marketing market: how it’s going, the most valuable statistics for 2024.
  • YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and other key platforms’ stats: audience demographics, ER, and more.
  • Brands’ preferences: the types of influencers and strategies that perform best and bring the highest ROI.
Influencer marketing stats
Influencer marketing impact
  • Thorough analysis of consumers’ ad and content format preferences and users’ behavior on social media.
  • Trends that are going to shape the influencer marketing landscape and help you get the most out of brand-influencer partnerships.
  • And even more analytics and insights!

Some insights and trends from the influencer marketing report to help you future-proof your strategy

Here’s a sneak peek into what influencer marketing industry experts say about the present and the future of the industry. Download the influencer marketing report for free to get even more insights, learn the details about ongoing and upcoming trends, and adapt and thrive in 2024.

The shift to data-driven influencer marketing

Brands are ready to embrace a more data-driven approach, with a sharp focus on metrics that matter – like engagement and conversion rates, ROI, etc. Brands and influencers alike are now prioritizing the analysis of concrete data to gauge the success of their campaigns. This shift demands a strategic and analytical mindset, ensuring that every piece of content not only resonates but also delivers measurable results.

The dominance of video content

The allure of video content is set to grow even stronger, captivating more viewers than ever before. Currently, videos surpass both photos and text posts in engagement, boasting a share rate that's 1200% higher. Particularly, short video formats like TikTok or YouTube Shorts are winning the audience's favor, with 66% of consumers finding them more captivating. These short videos prove to be 2.5 times more engaging than their longer counterparts, highlighting the shift towards quick, impactful visual storytelling.

Value-driven influencers: The new consumer magnet

Today's consumers are increasingly gravitating towards influencers who champion strong values, particularly in areas like sustainability and eco-conscious living. This trend underscores the importance of an influencer's personality and personal values as critical factors for brands aiming to resonate deeply with their audience, especially the Gen Z demographic. Brands looking to capture the attention and loyalty of these consumers must prioritize alignment with influencers whose values reflect their own.

The trend toward lasting influencer partnerships

The momentum is unmistakable: an increasing number of brands are choosing to repeatedly collaborate with influencers who have previously delivered stellar campaign results. This shift highlights the growing recognition of the value in forging long-term relationships with influencers, potentially elevating them to the status of brand ambassadors. Statistics reveal that 61% of brands opt to partner with the same influencers repeatedly, as opposed to 39% who are on the lookout for new faces for their campaigns.

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