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1XBET is a bookmaker, an online gambling company that allows betting on more than 200 sports and has an extended loyalty program. 1XBET was a sponsor of Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC and now sponsors Barcelona FC and Lyon FC, so the team is deeply engaged in global and local sports events. It’s a company that aims at global coverage and attracts audiences from around the world. 


1XBET needed to expand its coverage and gain new solvent audiences, as well as make them loyal, in Latin America, specifically Chili, Columbia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil; also, their targeted regions were the Arabian, African, and Asian countries like Egypt, Morocco, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia. Another important goal was to attract new depositors. 

YouTube and Instagram were the platforms of choice for this promotion. We defined the target audience of the brand as mostly male, 25+, interested in or playing football or any other sports game.

1xbet influencer marketing challenges


We suggested acting according to the “sports events strategy”. We decided to act with a reference to the world- and region-significant sports events, making announcements. This strategy allowed us to lead the attention of the audience to the engaging announcement and get a higher engagement rate instead of concentrating all the attention on the betting risks.

We have engaged 137 influencers in the 1XBET campaign for the last 3 months. 107 of them have already launched their creative ads. Now we have 245 publications in total and expect more to come. 

The Famesters agency has been working in partnership with 1XBET for 2 years already; every month we launch 82 ad integrations with influencers on average. When a new region has to be covered, it takes us only 5-10 days to start a new campaign there.
The influencers we are usually searching for are those with a mostly male audience (70/30 male to female ratio). We prefer to work with those making sports content. It can also be entertaining content if the audience of a chosen influencer is suitable.
To make ads more creative and engaging, we encourage influencers to use merchandise related to the sports teams noted on the announcement. 


We have kept KPI on the same level for the last 1,5 year.

1xbet influencer marketing results

“We are fully satisfied with the comprehensive service provided by the Famesters team. During our long-term cooperation, many times we managed to achieve the goals set in specific regions according to all the necessary metrics, as well as, subsequently, to consolidate and improve the previously achieved results!” – says Alex, Mediabuying Manager at 1XBET.


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