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Leon and Famesters case study

Leon is a premier iGaming company, recognized widely in regions like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Eastern Europe. With a strategy grounded in keen market insights, the company has effectively catered to its primary demographic — the younger generation, evident from its innovative marketing campaigns. Having garnered significant recognition, Leon sought to expand further and solidify its position in the iGaming market, particularly in challenging geographies like Canada. To drive this ambitious effort, Leon partnered with the Famesters influencer marketing agency for iGaming.



One of Leon’s primary challenges was a seamless expansion into new geos, especially Canada, where the audience overlaps with the USA. With this, the mission was to find relevant channels with the target audience specifically from Canada, without mixing the USA consumers into it; escalate registrations and deposits while ensuring the brand resonated powerfully with its desired audience.




Famesters focused on a niche audience profile: 60% male, aged 25+, with interests spanning casinos, sports, gaming, and related domains. We identified a roster of influencers spanning the desired geos, especially Twitch streamers given the platform’s alignment with Leon’s audience.

To enhance engagement, cross-promotions were initiated using influencers’ other social networks. For campaign effectiveness and a touch of exclusivity, each influencer was equipped with unique promotional content tailored to their style and audience.

Leon, while providing a structured brief filled with essential assets, embraced influencers’ creativity, allowing them to mold the content to ensure maximum resonance with their respective audiences.



The FTD cost was $66, an excellent outcome for influencer marketing. It’s worth noting that this figure doesn’t include organic traffic, which typically accounts for 30-40%. Therefore, the actual cost per deposit was considerably less.

Achieving success in the iGaming sector involves continuously experimenting with various strategies and methods. For instance, to achieve impressive results, we consistently track our internal metrics, such as views and clicks, and adjust the influencers’ technical requirements accordingly. Moreover, each month, we explore different ways to engage the audience, including organizing sweepstakes and collaborating with streamers to find innovative methods to involve their viewers during live streams.

The influencers, leveraging Leon’s comprehensive brief, crafted engaging and authentic promotions, ensuring the betting platform’s merits were effectively highlighted. With each integration exuding originality, it underscored the power of influencer creativity coupled with a robust brand message. With a consistent performance from influencers, approximately 30% were rehired: we managed to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships between them and Leon.

While significant results have been observed over the initial months, we continue to evaluate the data and strategize for long-term success.


Leon client testimonial for Famesters

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