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ChillBase Influencer Marketing Case Studie

ChillBase is an international game developing company with a team passionate about adventurous games. Like OneState – it’s ChillBase’s role play mobile game, a realistic real life simulator that suggests players to experience a virtual life of a character in a GTA-like universe. Gamers can choose who to be, how to build their in-game careers, and what adventures to go on. Open world allows them to communicate and even throw parties with other gamers online. OneState is the game the Famesters agency is helping ChillBase to promote with the help of powerful social media influencers.


ChillBase Influencer Marketing Case Studie

Famesters met ChillBase when the game developer selected Spinky for their influencer marketing campaign – and Spinky is our exclusive influencer. 

This is where we began with the base: OneState needed to win the hearts of gamers from the USA and the UK.

The main metric to measure the success of the campaign was the number of installs of the game: the more – the better, the more new players there would be in the OneState’s open world.

Looking ahead, we have to say that later we faced a new challenge: spreading the word about OneState among German gamers and attracting more German users.


We chose YouTube as the platform to promote the game on, as YouTube has a large and strong gaming community, as our research and experience show.

OneState is a MMORPG with the atmosphere of classic GTA games. So we made a selection of YouTube channels dedicated to games that are interesting to the gamers who love this genre and setting.

Other criteria for selecting YouTube channels were audiences from the UK and the USA. Also, we needed the videos on the channels to get 15K-150K views on average. It’s a range of micro- and macro-influencers: they are not pricey, it lets us allocate the budget wisely; and their gaming advice is highly trusted by their viewers – this is what OneState really needed.

Famesters prepared a selection of 70 gaming YouTube influencers who the game can benefit from. Together with ChillBase, we narrowed the selection down to 15 most relevant content creators. 

ChillBase offered the creators a fairly detailed brief that included a large number of assets and ready-made formulations. However, in agreement with ChillBase, we asked the creators to add channel-specific features to the content and feel free to be creative, as it is vital for influencers to sound authentic to their audiences – it’s the key to being trusted. Thanks to this, all integrations assembled from the same assets turned out to be original.

Since 12.2022, we have been running the influencer marketing campaign for the US and the UK markets, using classic ad integrations. 

As time went by, we also started testing the format of videos completely dedicated to the OneState game.

In March, 2023, Famesters and ChillBase started conquering Germany’s gaming community.


ChillBase Influencer Marketing Case Studie

In January, 2023, OneState reached the milestone of 2 000 000 downloads worldwide.


ChillBase Influencer Marketing Case Studie



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