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Each business has always been concerned with its brand awareness to this or that extent. But nowadays it becomes more challenging to acquaint your target audience with your brand product or service for a number of reasons. First, people tend to doubt traditional intrusive advertising. Second, cyberspace is overwhelmed with brands trying to promote their products and this leads to one more problem – use of adblockers on computers and mobiles. The estimated YoY increase of ad blocking tools usage is 9% both on desktop and mobile.

Today businesses are in constant search for solutions that will help them to overcome this growing lack of confidence from customers. Traditional advertising is therefore being replaced by indirect methods.  Influencer marketing has meanwhile become one of the most popular trends. 60% of marketers acknowledge that the content generated by influencers has a higher performance rate and evokes more engagement in comparison with messages made by brands. So let’s see how to increase brand awareness with influencer marketing.


Influencer Marketing is a sort of cooperation between a brand and an influencer to reach brand goals – creating brand awareness among them.

Recent researches say that ROI of influencer marketing is 11 times greater than other kinds of advertising. 61% of consumers rely on influencers’ recommendations. Compare it with 38% of customers who still have trust in branded posts.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of influencers are now online because more and more people become social media users. In this context we mostly speak about bloggers-influencers. However it’s not about celebrities or mega-influencers with a huge number of followers worldwide. On the contrary, micro-influencers who have between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers are preferred by marketers. The reason is that micro-bloggers’ content is more engaging, they are more approachable and reliable among their followers.


It’s worth mentioning that brand awareness is not always a top priority for a business because it’s difficult to “measure” brand awareness as it is. According to the latest research by Influencer Marketing Hub, sales increase remains the main objective for brands launching influencer marketing campaigns. However, the percentage of marketers who pay more attention to awareness is almost equal: it’s 35,7%, and that is up from 33,5 % in the previous year.

The role that awareness plays in your product success is immense. Brand awareness shows how your target audience is acquainted with your brand, and how people are quick to recall your brand if asked. For example, your friend asks you about a pizza delivery over there.The one that comes to mind first is a delivery company with very high awareness. Even if you know at least three pizza deliveries and all of them are good,  the one that you’ve named first has a better awareness rate because you recollect it at once.  Apparently, this will be a brand with perfect visibility, strong reputation and your own positive experience with this company. Brand awareness is built on a quintessential combination of all your perceptions and interactions with the brand.

Brand awareness serves to build a brand-consumer relationship of trust. When people both recognize your brand and have confidence in it, they are more disposed to use your products repeatedly. That means that brand awareness influences your revenue in a direct way because people are more ready to buy products they are familiar with than those they know nothing about. Consequently, boosting awareness efforts should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

 Source: Marketing charts


The best advertising has always been word of mouth. And this is exactly how influencers increase brand awareness. Influencer marketing has become a digital form of the word-of-mouth strategy. The good thing for marketers is that now they can measure the target audience’s response with definite KPIs. So the process of building brand awareness is not so unpredictable in comparison with traditional word of mouth.

When it comes to deciding on the right social media platform to implement word-of-mouth digital tools on, it’s worth considering which one, or maybe more, to choose. It depends on whether you are a B2B or B2C company, what type of products or services you offer, and what is the geography of your target audience. For example, USA, Indonesia and Brazil are top-3 countries by the number of TikTok active users, while Youtube and Instagram have the majority of active users in India. Besides, analysis of data has revealed that 88, 5% of content creators with more than 10,000 followers on one social network also have huge audiences on others. The number of social media users continues to increase thus cross-channel influencer marketing campaigns are of high priority for brands.


Marketers have a very efficient strategy at their disposal, and that is influencer marketing. Let’s now examine how to boost awareness with influencer marketing tools.

Marketers and social media content creators can collaborate in a variety of forms, performing lots of activities that will serve to increase brand awareness. These actions may vary from one social media platform to another. But in general, there are some marketing tools common for all platforms that help increase brand awareness with influencer marketing.


Subscribers are very loyal and dedicated to their influencers. They like their content, tone of voice and style. When a marketer starts cooperating with this or that influencer it’s very important to let content creators have freedom of making authentic messages to their audience. People are very quick to distinguish natural posts from promotional ones. So, it’s better to provide creative freedom for influencers you work with. They are very talented at creating the content their followers will enjoy. Thus, it will be enough to control the overall commitment to your brand values suggesting some guidelines about the messaging desired from your influencer.


It’s no secret that peer recommendations work very well. An influencer’s recommendation to buy something or to use some new service is perceived as a peer word of advice, as if your friend recommends this for you. When an influencer shares a promo code that is exclusive to this particular audience, it encourages people to use it. Remember that subscribers are always ready to try the product or service that their influencer has already tried or is going to try. Even if followers understand that the content is sponsored they will not use ad blockers because of their high loyalty to their influencer.


Live streaming means broadcasting of a video in real time. It has become incredibly popular among game developers. The idea is that gaming influencers plaing games online thus promoting these games to their audiences. Twitch and YouTube are the main platforms suggesting lots of tools for content creators. Live streams can also be used to reach the target audience with this or that information about your product, or about special conditions, discounts and offers for these particular followers. Remember that there are two most effective time periods during a livestream –  the first and the last 15 minutes – when you can reach your audience with a necessary brand message through a game influencer. Thoughtful cooperation between marketers and content creators can contribute greatly to brand awareness in the computer and mobile games industry.  


Invite content creators to contribute to your blog. This is a win-win strategy for both an influencer and your brand.  Your blog will be perceived as more trustworthy when people see their influencer’s article on it. Besides, an influencer is going to share the link to the article on his or her personal account, increasing your brand mentions once more.


It has become very popular to send your influencers products to review, a kind of ‘gift baskets’. Influencers receive them for free and then share their experience with the audience. A lot of content creators capture the whole process of how they receive a goody bag, unpack it and try the products.

The same is with tutorial videos. People are more likely to watch a how-to video on YouTube instead of reading boring instructions in a booklet. So these are two more forms of collaborating with influencers that are sure to enhance your brand awareness.


Such a form of partnering with content creators means letting your influencer take over your social media platform, for example for a day. The influencer is going to create branded content on your social media channel. The advantages of such cooperation are enormous. It increases the engagement rate of your followers as well as attracts your influencer’s followers to your platform. Besides, it will give a sense of reliability to your business and definitely will have a positive impact on the awareness of your brand, products and services.


One more interesting way of brand-influencer collaborating is when you organize an event for your influencers and invite some respected expert or a panel of experts – leaders in your niche. It can be a master class, a discussion club, or whatever. The invited guests communicate in an informal setting, discuss problems and learn from the best representatives of the sphere. You can also provide the participants with gift bags familiarizing them with your products. Later on, influencers are going to share this experience with their followers, and awareness about your brand will increase significantly.


Summing it up, creating brand awareness should definitely be among the primary marketing goals, especially when you are a new brand, when you enter new markets, or when you are going to launch a new branded product or service. Brand awareness is also crucially important for high-consideration brands such as furniture or jewelry. The vast majority of consumers admit that they make a purchase decision in favor of the product they can recognize. Thus, brand awareness first, and increase of sales second.  You might consider turning to a full-cycle influencer marketing agency in order to optimize your brand awareness efforts. Such agencies are ready to help you with your ad campaign from analyzing and planning to launching and reporting.  A savvy influencer marketing campaign can help you enhance your brand awareness and drive your business to a new level. in 


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