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How to find truly relevant micro-influencers on Instagram: tips and tricks

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how to find truly relevant micro influencers on instagram

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become a hub for product research and discovery, with multiple billions monthly active users. In 2023, Instagram has about 2 billion active monthly users, and, according to the research, 81% of them use it to research products and services they are interested in. 

As businesses strive to capture the attention of their target audience, micro-influencers have emerged as a powerful marketing tool. While they may have smaller followings compared to traditional celebrity-like influencers, their highly engaged audience provides a cost-effective way to promote products or services and increase brand awareness. In this article, we’ll provide tips and tricks on how to find micro-influencers on Instagram and collaborate with them, helping you effectively promote your brand to a highly targeted audience and achieve your marketing goals. 

Who are micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers have a following of between 10,000 to 100,000 on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. They are considered to be experts in their specific niches, with a highly engaged and loyal audience that trusts their opinions and recommendations. This guide focuses specifically on Instagram influencers.

OK, but why are micro-influencers important for my marketing campaign?

Unlike macro- and mega-influencers, who have a large (from 100,000 to 1M) following and often  are celebrities or well-known public figures, micro-influencers have a smaller but more focused following. They often have a more personal relationship with their followers, with higher engagement rates and a more niche-specific audience.

Micro-influencers can be found in various industries, including fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food, travel, and more. They are known to have a significant impact on their audience’s purchasing decisions, with studies showing that their recommendations have a higher conversion rate than those of macro-influencers. People buy people and trust micro-influencer posts more than branded content. 

In the following sections, we’ll explain how to find micro-influencers, how to find local influencers for your specific area, as well as important factors to pay attention to while collaborating with social media influencers

Defining your ideal micro-influencer

Defining your ideal Instagram influencer involves considering several factors that align with your brand and campaign goals. Here are some key factors to consider when defining your ideal micro-influencer:

  • Relevance. Your ideal micro-influencer should be relevant to your brand and industry. They should have an audience that aligns with your target audience and share similar values to your brand.
  • Engagement. Look for micro-influencers who have high engagement rates with their followers. An influencer’s engagement rate shows how involved their followers are with their content and how likely they are to take action based on their recommendations. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, make sure to check this comprehensive guide to Instagram engagement rate check. But in short, you can use this simple formula:
Engagement Rate formula
  • Authenticity. Influencers on Instagram should have an authentic and genuine relationship with their audience. They should be seen as a trusted source of information and not just someone who is promoting products for the sake of making money.
  • Expertise. Micro-influencers often specialize in a particular niche or industry. Your ideal micro-influencer should have expertise and knowledge in your industry, which can help establish them as a credible source of information and recommendations. For example, if your target audience is young women who are interested in fitness and healthy living, you may want to look for a micro-influencer who specializes in fitness and wellness content.
  • Reach. While micro-influencers typically have a smaller following than macro influencers, their audience is often more engaged and targeted. Your ideal micro-influencer should have a following that is large enough to make an impact on your campaign goals but not so large that their engagement rate suffers.

By considering these factors, you can define your ideal micro-influencer and create a more effective influencer marketing campaign that resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Setting campaign goals and objectives

Defining the micro-influencers that will be perfect for your campaign should also involve setting campaign goals and objectives. Your goals and objectives will help guide you in choosing the right micro-influencer for your campaign.

For example, if your goal is to increase brand loyalty, you may want to consider a micro-influencer who has a loyal following that trusts their opinions and recommendations, and shows a high engagement rate. By partnering with micro-influencers who share your brand values and aesthetic, you can build brand loyalty among their audience and increase the likelihood that they will become long-term customers.

Understanding your niche and industry

Micro-influencers are often chosen for their expertise and authority within a particular industry or niche, which can help you reach a highly engaged audience that is already deeply involved with the context of your product or service.

Also, to find the right micro-influencer, you’ll need to research and identify the key players in your industry. For example, if your brand operates in the fashion industry, you may want to look for micro-influencers who specialize in a specific fashion niche, such as sustainable fashion or plus-size fashion. These influencers will have a highly engaged audience that is interested in that specific niche, and partnering with such influencers can help you reach that audience.

Searching for micro-influencers on Instagram

Searching for micro-influencers on Instagram can be done using several methods. Here are a few ways:

Hashtag research

Hashtag research is a great way to find micro-influencers on Instagram. Hashtags are used to categorize content on Instagram and make it easier to find specific types of content or posts related to a particular topic.

To find micro-influencers on Instagram using hashtags, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the hashtags that are relevant to your brand or industry. For example, if you’re a fitness brand, you might search for hashtags like #fitfam, #fitnessmotivation, or #healthylifestyle.
  2. Search for these hashtags on Instagram and browse through the top posts. Look for posts that have high engagement rates and are relevant to your brand or industry.
  3. Check out the profiles of the users who posted the top content. Look for micro-influencers who have a moderate number of followers (usually between 5,000 and 10,000) and high engagement rates (likes, comments, and shares).

Geotagging and location-based searches

Another effective way to find micro-influencers on Instagram is by using geotagging and location-based searches. This method can be especially useful if you’re looking for influencers who are based in a specific location or region.

Here’s how you can use geotagging and location-based searches to find micro-influencers on Instagram:

  1. Identify the location or region you’re interested in: if you’re looking for micro-influencers based in a specific location or region, identify that location first. This could be a city, state, or even a specific neighborhood.
  2. Use Instagram’s location search feature: in the search bar on Instagram, click on the search icon and select the “Places” tab. Type in the location you’re interested in and Instagram will show you all the posts and stories tagged with that location.
  3. Look for posts with high engagement: browse through the posts and look for those with high engagement rates. Check the profiles of the users who posted those posts to see if they have a moderate number of followers and a high engagement rate.

Competitor analysis

Look at the profiles of your competitors and see who they are following or who is engaging with their posts. This can help you identify potential micro-influencers who are already interested in your industry or niche. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Identify your competitors. Make a list of your top competitors on Instagram.
  2. Look for posts with high engagement. Search for posts by your competitors that have high engagement rates. These posts may have been created in partnership with micro-influencers.
  3. Check the profiles of the users who posted the top content. Look for the profiles of the users who posted the top content for your competitors. Check to see if they are micro-influencers who have a moderate number of followers and a high engagement rate.

One tip to take your campaigns to the next level: work with experienced influencer marketing agencies

From expert guidance on selecting the right influencers to in-depth industry insights and risk management, working with an agency can help you optimize your campaigns and achieve the best results possible. Here are some key benefits of collaborating with an influencer marketing agency like Famesters.

  1. Expertise. Influencer marketing agencies have expertise in executing successful influencer campaigns. They have experience working with different influencers across various industries and can provide guidance on selecting the best influencers, negotiating contracts, and managing campaigns.
  2. Access to influencers. We have established relationships with influencers across various social media platforms. This means that our agency can offer a broader range of influencers to choose from, making it easier to find the right influencers for your campaign.
  3. Target audience. We can help you identify the right influencers to reach your target audience. We have  access to data on the demographics and interests of influencers’ followers and can recommend influencers who have an engaged audience that aligns with your brand.
  4. Campaign management from start to finish. Famesters team handles the entire campaign process, from identifying the influencers to managing the campaign’s execution. This includes negotiating contracts, controlling content creation, and tracking results.
  5. Measurement and reporting. At our agency, we recognize that constantly analyzing a campaign’s performance is crucial to the success of future campaigns. That’s why we always provide detailed reports on your campaign’s performance, including metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversions. Our goal is to help you gain valuable insights and optimize your campaigns for the best results possible.
  6. Industry insights. Building on the previous point, experienced influencer marketing agencies have an in-depth understanding of the industry, including emerging trends, best practices, and new platforms. This knowledge allows us to offer valuable insights and recommendations to help you optimize your campaigns and stay ahead of the competition. We stay up-to-date on the latest developments and changes in the influencer marketing landscape, ensuring that you have the best possible guidance for your campaigns.
  7. Risk management. Famesters can help you mitigate the risks associated with influencer marketing. We’ll ensure that all legal and ethical guidelines are followed, including disclosure requirements, to protect your brand’s reputation.


Micro-influencers have become a valuable asset in the world of digital marketing. Their highly engaged and loyal audience can provide a cost-effective way for businesses to promote products or services and increase brand awareness. By defining your ideal micro-influencer, setting campaign goals and objectives, and understanding the niche and industry, you can effectively collaborate with micro-influencers on Instagram. 

Hashtag research, influencer marketplaces, and manual searches are some of the ways to find micro-influencers on Instagram. Remember to consider factors such as relevance, engagement, authenticity, expertise, and reach when choosing the right micro-influencer for your campaign. With these tips and tricks, you can achieve your marketing goals and promote your brand to a highly targeted audience. 

However, influencer marketing can be challenging to navigate without the right knowledge and expertise. It’s important to work with experienced influencer marketing agencies that can help brands identify the right influencers, create effective campaigns, and measure their success.

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