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A guide to finding information about a youtuber's email account

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YouTube is one of the most popular social networks – it has approximately 2.5 million monthly active users and goes by the second most popular platform (after Facebook which has 3 million users). Therefore, it is not surprising that advertising on YouTube is highly effective, especially when you do it wisely. People trust the YouTube creators they follow, which means that the likelihood that they will want to order advertised products is quite high: 69% of consumers trust influencer recommendations rather than content created directly by brands.

Marketers need to know how to interact with influencers if they plan to advertise on YouTube. The experts of the Famesters influencer marketing agency know how important it is to find the right contact info and establish trust from the very first message. Below, you will find a guide on finding information about a YouTuber’s contact info, email address and links to social media accounts

5 ways to find information about YouTuber’s email

If you want to cooperate with an influencer on YouTube, it is better to start by composing a nice welcome letter… Yes, generally, it is correct, but what to do if the email address is not indicated in a simple video description?

The following are 5 simple ways to get the necessary contact details and start communicating with the YouTuber.

1. Check the “About” section

This is the easiest way to get a YouTuber’s email.  You only need to visit the channel of the creator that is of interest to you and find the “About” section:

About PewDiePie

You will observe the YouTube channel’s description and all the links to social media profiles the creator decided to share. As you are interested in getting the email address, pass immediately to it and click the “View email address” button:

PewDiePie email

Be ready to pass the privacy check: nobody wants to receive spam, and YouTube creators make no exception. Simply put the tick where necessary, hit the “Submit” button – and you’ll receive the required email address:

Prove you're not a robot

Okay, this one was really easy. The question is – how to find the email addresses if some YouTubers, for various reasons, decide not to mention them in the channel’s description? Let’s see.

2. Check the social media profiles

The second option to find the YouTuber’s email is through social networks. Most YouTubers have social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can send them a private message through these platforms trying to contact them. 

The links to the social media profiles are easy to find in the same “About” section:

YouTuber socmed accounts

Alternatively, you can always find the social media profiles of the necessary influencers through Google search:

Google search YouTuber's socmed accounts

3. Use the “Contact” section on their website

Many YouTubers have their own websites where they share additional content. They will often post the email address on their website where you can send them a message. 

The algorithm is simple:

Go to the “About” section on the YouTuber’s channel and find the link to the website:

YouTyber's website

Search their website for the “Contact Us” section and click the button:

Contact us section

Voila! The required email address is now available:

Contact info

4. Ask an influencer marketing agency for help

Some YouTubers work with specialized agencies that manage their communications and marketing campaigns. Some YouTubers even connect with brands exclusively via their agencies. For example, here you can see some of the influencers that work with our influencer marketing agency. So, you can select an experienced agency, such as Famesters, and we will take responsibility for contacting the selected influencers for you. 

Sure, if you are interested in a very particular YouTuber, you can try to contact them personally. But if you’re still in doubt or if the creators for your advertising campaign have not yet been selected, then asking a qualified agency for help may not be a bad idea. It’s important to note that every YouTuber has their own contact preferences, and some may not be able to respond to all private messages but agencies usually know the correct contacting strategies.

5. Use automatic email search

If the previous methods did not work, it’s time to move to a particular one. If you are searching for an email, you can use one of the web applications created for this exact purpose, for example, AnyMailFinder

To find a person’s email, you will have to register. But first, you can check whether the email address of the person you need exists at all; you can enter the first and last name into the search, add a website and click “Search”:

Email finder

After you click the button, the service will begin to generate possible emails and check their functionality. If the search is successful, you will almost instantly see the following window:

Find email

The free version (free trial) allows you to find 20 email addresses. For more (from 1,000 emails) you will have to pay – from $49 per month.

Hunter is another email search service presented both as a web version and as an extension for Chrome. Enter the domain name of the website of the company where the person whose email address you are looking for works, and Email Hunter will scan the site for contact information, and will also show the sources of the addresses found if the search is successful:

Tools to find email

The browser extension makes working with the service even easier. Install it and, having gone to the required site, click on the extension button in the upper right corner of the browser. The service will display all emails found on the site and show their sources, as in the case of the web version.

You can also check absolutely any email for functionality in the web version of the service. To do this, on the Email Hunter website select the Email Verifier. 

In the window that opens, enter the required address in the field and click on the button with a magnifying glass icon to check the functionality of the email. The service will analyze the entered address and conclude whether the email is valid, and also explain its conclusion:

Verify email

The service does not require registration, but if you want to use Hunter’s advanced features, we recommend that you register. After registration, you will be able to make up to 25 search queries per month, as well as check the emails found by the service for functionality. Paid plans start at $49/month.


Knowing how to propose collaborations and communicate with YouTubers in the future will help you effectively promote your products and services on this platform. This is not the easiest way of marketing, since the advertisers sometimes need to spend a lot of time searching for a simple influencer’s email, and then communicating, and checking the quality of work. 

However, the high efficiency of advertising on YouTube compensates for all this, so be sure to consider this method of promoting your products and services. And feel free to contact Famesters via [email protected] for help – we know not only how to contact the YouTube creators you select but also how to build a successful influencer marketing strategy and manage the whole advertising campaign.

FAQs about how to find a YouTuber’s email address and reach out to them

  • How can I contact a celebrity YouTuber who has not provided the contact email?

We would recommend following the steps mentioned above using social media and contact forms available on their website. These methods offer the best chance of contacting the YouTuber directly. Also, celebrities often work with personal assistants or agencies, so it’s better to contact them first.

  • What is the best social network to connect with a YouTuber?

The choice of social network will depend on the individual YouTuber, but today, Instagram is often considered one of the best options due to its popularity and usability.

  • Is it possible to get a YouTuber’s personal contact information?

If we are talking about a mega-influencer on YouTube (the ones having more than 1M followers) or a celebrity YouTuber, then personal contact information is usually reserved for a rather small number of people in their professional and personal circle. This information is unlikely to be readily available to the public. But you can always contact the selected YouTuber’s agent and try to get them to connect you with the influencer directly.

  • How can I maximize my chances of getting a response from a YouTuber?

Prepare your letter well. Be sure to keep your ideas clear and your request brief and polite. Explain why you want to contact them and provide relevant information about your brand. Respectful, well-worded speech can increase your chances of getting a response.

  • Do YouTubers usually accept collaboration offers sent via social media?

It depends on the YouTuber and the nature of the offer. Some YouTubers are open to collaborations coming from social media, others prefer not to be contacted this way. It is best to check out the information available on their website or social media to find out their preferences for collaboration.

  • What is the average time to receive a response from a YouTuber?

There is no guaranteed average time to get a response from a YouTuber. Some may respond quickly, while others may take time due to busy schedules or the volume of messages they receive. Moreover, mega-influencers on YouTube normally trust their mail communication and collaboration offers management to agents, so it is not always a YouTuber personally to respond. Be patient and if necessary, don’t hesitate to resend a letter after a while.


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