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how to write an agreement for an influencer marketing campaign

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Influencer marketing is a game-changer for brands looking to resonate with their target audience on a personal level. But like every powerful tool, its efficacy hinges on its wielder. For brands, this means the influencers they collaborate with.

At first glance, choosing an influencer might seem as simple as picking someone with a large following, but in reality, it’s akin to selecting a brand ambassador. The influencer becomes an extension of the brand, embodying its values, aesthetics, and message. They will directly interact with a loyal and engaged community that they’ve nurtured over time, making the stakes of this partnership exceptionally high.

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Yet, the rewards can be immense. An influencer who genuinely aligns with your brand can offer authentic endorsement, sway consumer opinions, and drive tangible actions, be it website visits, sign-ups, or sales.

However, to unlock this potential, it’s essential to move past surface metrics and delve deeper into understanding the influencer. This not only ensures a fruitful collaboration but also safeguards your brand’s image and reputation.

As you navigate the exciting realm of influencer partnerships, remember that it’s a two-way street. Just as you’re evaluating a potential influencer, they’re gauging if your brand aligns with their persona and values. Engaging in a dialogue, asking the right questions, and setting clear expectations will be the cornerstone of a successful collaboration.

This article by the Famesters influencer marketing agency experts will arm you with key questions designed to help you discern if an influencer is the right fit for your brand. Each question serves a purpose, either illuminating the influencer’s approach, gauging their authenticity, or ensuring their audience aligns with your target demographic.


In the realm of influencer marketing, a picture-perfect post or a catchy video is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface lies a confluence of strategy, authenticity, and engagement that determines the success of an influencer collaboration. Just as brands meticulously plan their marketing campaigns, the selection of influencers should be approached with equal rigor. This is where due diligence becomes paramount.

Why influencer vetting is non-negotiable

While influencer marketing’s spontaneous and organic nature can be its strength, it can also be a double-edged sword. The power influencers wield can be a boon for brands when channeled correctly, but without proper vetting, this same power can lead to unforeseen challenges:

  • Misaligned values. At the heart of influencer marketing is authenticity. An influencer whose values clash with that of the brand can erode trust, not just in the influencer, but in the brand itself.
  • Audience mismatch. An influencer might have millions of followers, but if their audience doesn’t align with your target demographic, the collaboration may yield little ROI.
  • Overexposure. An influencer overly saturated with sponsorships can lead to ad fatigue among their followers. Your brand’s message might drown in a sea of other advertisements, rendering the partnership ineffective.
  • Reputation risks. Every post, story, or tweet an influencer has ever made becomes indirectly associated with your brand upon collaboration. Any past or future controversy can inadvertently affect your brand’s image.

The rewards of rigorous influencer vetting

While the pitfalls are many, the rewards of a well-vetted influencer collaboration are manifold:

  • Authentic engagement. A genuine alignment between the brand and influencer translates into authentic endorsements, which are more likely to resonate with followers and incite action.
  • Extended reach. Tapping into the right influencer can introduce your brand to a broader audience, expanding your reach organically.
  • Higher ROI. A synergistic collaboration, where the influencer’s audience aligns with your target market, can lead to higher conversions, be it sales, sign-ups, or site visits.
Questions to ask influencers

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  • Strengthened brand image. Collaborating with an influencer who embodies your brand values can bolster your brand’s image, reinforcing its position in the market.

Due diligence is not merely a step in the influencer selection process; it’s the foundation. Cutting corners might yield short-term gains, but for sustained success and growth in the world of influencer marketing, thorough vetting is the key. Only then can brands unlock the true potential of this dynamic marketing avenue, turning risks into rewards.


Navigating the world of influencer partnerships requires clarity, both in terms of your brand’s objectives and in understanding the influencer’s capabilities and preferences. A well-structured inquiry will not only ensure a smooth collaboration but will also optimize the returns on your investment. Here are the best questions to ask influencers you should consider:

Questions to ask an influencer about collaboration specifics

Services and packages:

  • What do you offer as part of your collaboration package? Understanding the full range of services an influencer offers will allow you to maximize the potential of the collaboration.
  • What types of content are you comfortable producing? Different influencers have strengths in various content formats, be it blog posts, videos, live streams, or stories. Knowing this ensures a synergy in content strategy.

Engagement tactics:

  • How do you typically engage with your followers? Authentic engagement tactics can amplify the impact of the collaboration.
  • Can you provide examples of your engagement activities? Concrete examples give insights into the influencer’s approach to engagement and their ability to maintain audience interest.

Best questions to ask an influencer about audience and niche

Target audience:

  • Who is your primary target audience? Aligning your brand with an influencer whose audience matches your target demographic is crucial for campaign success.
  • How does your audience demographics align with our brand’s target? A deep dive into the influencer’s audience demographics ensures a precise fit with your target market.

Niche expertise:

  • What is your specific niche or expertise area? Partnering with influencers who have domain expertise can add credibility to the collaboration.

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  • Have you worked with brands in our sector before? Previous experience with similar brands can be an added advantage, bringing in insights from past campaigns.

Best questions to ask influencers authenticity and trust

Engagement metrics:

  • Can you provide a copy of your recent engagement metrics? Metrics give a quantifiable measure of the influencer’s reach and effectiveness. At Famesters, we check all the metrics that matter before suggesting an influencer for a collaboration. This helps us avoid any fraudulent individuals calling themselves influencers.
Questions to ask influencers before collaborating
  • How do you handle periods of low engagement? Resilience in handling lean periods showcases the influencer’s adaptability and commitment.

Sponsored content frequency:

  • How often do you post sponsored content? This informs you about the influencer’s balance between organic and promotional content, which can impact audience trust.
  • What’s your perspective on balancing organic and promotional content? An influencer’s philosophy on this balance can give insights into their authenticity and audience trust. At Famesters, we consider this to craft a successful media plan for you.

Best questions to ask an influencer about brand alignment and creativity

Beliefs and values:

  • What are your core beliefs and values as an influencer? Alignment on this front ensures that both the brand and influencer speak in a consistent voice.
  • How do you ensure brand partnerships align with these values? This highlights the influencer’s commitment to maintaining authenticity in collaborations.

Brand perception:

  • How do you view our brand? What do you think are our strongest selling points? This not only gauges the influencer’s familiarity with your brand but also their perspective on its strengths.
  • Are you willing to brainstorm content ideas collaboratively? Collaborative brainstorming can yield unique content ideas, leveraging both the brand’s and influencer’s strengths.

Key questions to ask influencers about exclusivity and legal aspects

Past collaborations:

  • Have you worked with our competitors before? If yes, when? Potential conflicts of interest can be identified and addressed early on.
  • Would you be open to an exclusivity agreement during our campaign period? Ensuring that the influencer doesn’t simultaneously promote competing brands can boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

Formal agreements:

  • Are you open to signing a formal contract detailing the collaboration terms? A legal framework can provide clarity and protection to both parties.
  • What are your usual terms and conditions for collaborations? Knowing the influencer’s standard practices can help in negotiations and setting clear expectations.

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Some more questions for influencers about financial aspects

Charges and pricing:

  • How do you structure your pricing for collaborations? Transparent discussions about pricing can prevent misunderstandings and ensure that the collaboration delivers value for money. At Famesters, we negotiate on your behalf to get the best price from the influencers.
  • Are there any additional costs we should be aware of? Hidden costs can upset budgets; clarity upfront ensures financial prudence.

Engaging with influencers is not just about numbers or aesthetics; it’s a nuanced partnership. By seeking answers to these key questions, you can craft collaborations that are both effective and harmonious.


Numbers can often overshadow nuances. While metrics like reach, engagement, and conversion rates are crucial, an often-underestimated component is the compatibility between the brand and the influencer. Compatibility is the glue that ensures a seamless integration of brand messages with an influencer’s unique voice. Let’s delve into why this alignment is pivotal.

Mutual understanding – the bedrock of successful collaborations

At the core of every successful influencer partnership is a mutual understanding. This encompasses not just a shared objective for a particular campaign, but a deeper alignment in terms of values, ethos, and vision. When a brand and an influencer resonate on these foundational aspects:

  • Consistency. The messages relayed to the audience are consistent, which reinforces brand positioning and builds trust.
  • Authenticity. Collaborations feel organic and genuine, rather than forced or overtly promotional. This authenticity can significantly amplify the impact of the message, given today’s discerning audience who value genuineness.
  • Efficiency. With a shared understanding, the need for extensive back-and-forth is reduced, making the content creation process smoother and more efficient.

The power of long-term collaborations

Initial collaborations serve as a litmus test, gauging the synergy between the brand and the influencer. When this partnership yields positive results, it paves the way for long-term collaborations, which come with multiple benefits:

  • Brand ambassadorship. Over time, the influencer can evolve into a brand ambassador, providing the brand with a consistent and credible voice in the influencer’s community.
  • Deepened trust. As the influencer repeatedly introduces or endorses the brand to their audience, the repeated exposure can deepen the audience’s trust in the brand.
  • Collaborative evolution. With a continued partnership, both the brand and the influencer get the opportunity to learn from each campaign, refine strategies, and deliver even more impactful collaborations in the future.
  • Cost efficiency. Long-term partnerships can often lead to more favorable financial terms, as the collaboration shifts from transactional engagements to a sustained partnership.

While it’s essential to focus on metrics and tangible results in influencer marketing, it’s equally vital to recognize the intangible yet powerful element of compatibility. Mutual understanding and alignment can transform a simple collaboration into a potent partnership, unlocking the potential for long-term engagements that bring exponential benefits to both parties. Remember, in the world of influencer marketing, it’s not just about finding a voice; it’s about finding a voice that resonates perfectly with your brand’s heart and soul.


Navigating the world of influencer marketing can be complex, but the foundation for success starts with asking the right questions. Through this guide, we’ve emphasized the necessity of due diligence to ensure compatibility and alignment between the brand and the influencer. By addressing key aspects like collaboration specifics, audience demographics, authenticity, and brand alignment, we not only establish clear expectations but also lay the groundwork for genuine partnerships.

The questions we’ve highlighted aren’t just checkpoints but strategic tools that provide invaluable insights into the influencer’s approach, values, and potential for a mutually beneficial collaboration. By understanding an influencer’s engagement tactics, core values, and view on brand alignment, businesses can foster partnerships that transcend one-off campaigns to possibly become enduring relationships.

By taking the time to dive deep with these questions, you can ensure you’re not just collaborating with an influencer but forming a partnership that resonates authentically with audiences, aligns seamlessly with brand values, and promises a higher ROI. The right questions lead to the right partnerships, and in the realm of influencer marketing, this alignment is the key to unlocking true potential.

Famesters experts with 6+ years of experience of working with influencers across 68 countries are ready to ask all these and even more questions on your behalf. We are here to help you spread the word about your brand through the right influencers to the right audiences. Contact us today so we can start searching for the most relevant and reliable content creators for your next successful influencer marketing campaign!

Frequently asked questions about questions to ask influencers before collaborating with them

Why is it important to ask the right questions before collaborating with an influencer?

Asking the right questions before embarking on an influencer collaboration is paramount to ensure alignment of values, audience compatibility, and content synergy. This due diligence process helps in mitigating risks associated with brand-influencer partnerships and sets the stage for a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration.

What are the key questions to ask an influencer about their audience?

Understanding an influencer’s audience is essential. Key questions include: Who is your primary target audience? How do their demographics and interests align with our brand’s target market? Such inquiries help determine whether the influencer can effectively reach and engage your intended audience.

How do I gauge an influencer’s authenticity and trustworthiness?

To gauge an influencer’s authenticity, consider asking: Can you provide recent examples of engagement metrics? How do you maintain authenticity with your followers? These questions aim to uncover the influencer’s genuine connection with their audience and their commitment to transparent, authentic content.

What questions should I ask to understand an influencer’s content creation process?

You may ask: What types of content are you most comfortable producing? How do you approach brand collaborations in your content? This reveals the influencer’s creativity, flexibility, and ability to integrate brand messages naturally into their content.

Are there specific questions to ask influencers about collaboration specifics?

Yes, specific questions about collaboration include: What does your collaboration package include? How do you typically engage with sponsored content? This information clarifies the scope of the collaboration and the influencer’s strategies for promoting sponsored content effectively.

What should I inquire about an influencer’s experience with similar brands?

Asking about past collaborations offers insights into the influencer’s relevance and effectiveness in your sector. Questions like: Have you worked with brands in our industry before? Can you share the outcomes of those collaborations? – help assess their experience and potential impact. Also, ask if the influencer is working with any of your competitors right now. You may not want to see their ads in the influencer’s video on YouTube, for example, just next to yours.

How important are questions about an influencer’s niche and expertise?

Extremely important. Inquiring about an influencer’s niche and expertise, such as: What is your specific area of expertise? How do you stay informed about trends in our industry? ensures that their knowledge and content resonate with your brand’s goals and audience’s interests.

What questions to ask an influencer about brand alignment and values?

To ensure a brand-influencer value match, ask: What are your core values as an influencer? How do you ensure brand partnerships do not compromise these values? These questions aim to secure a partnership that reflects shared values and ethics, enhancing brand integrity.

How should I approach questions about financial aspects and compensation?

Clear communication about finances is essential. Questions like: How do you structure your fees for brand collaborations? Are there any additional costs we should consider? – provide transparency and help in budget planning and negotiation. Don’t forget you can and should negotiate prices. Base your arguments on the influencer’s CPM and other relevant metrics.

Why is asking about an influencer’s perspective on long-term collaborations important?

Long-term potential can significantly amplify the benefits of an influencer partnership. Consumers believe an influencer that roots for a brand not once, but at least a few times is more genuine in their ads and thus trustworthy. Questions like: Are you open to discussing long-term collaborations? How do you view the evolution of brand-influencer relationships? – can uncover the influencer’s interest in ongoing partnerships and their vision for future collaborations.


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