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Different types of influencer marketing tools

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In post-pandemic times, brands are actively increasing their budgets for collaborations with creators, and along with this, there is an increased demand for automation of all types of influencer marketing tools. According to the latest statistical data, 63% of brands are planning to use AI-based technologies for their influencer marketing campaigns. The influencer marketing industry has long relied on manual moderation. Now the processes have changed and updated a lot.

Below, the experts from the Famesters influencer marketing agency will overview the services and tools that can help automate work with creators and not get lost trying to find the right one for your campaign.


The influencer marketing tools are software solutions for brands, agencies, and individual marketers who work with influencers. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced specialist who works for a company focused on collaborations with content creators or not: in any case, you need an effective tool to enhance and deepen the understanding of the market situation, as well as save time and resources.

Brands and marketers normally can face several major challenges when launching an influencer advertising campaign. The key issues include:

  • How to find the right influencer for a campaign?
  • How to analyze the quality of an influencer’s content?
  • How to analyze an influencer’s activity on a selected platform (Instagram, YouTube, etc.)?
  • How to calculate the fair cost of advertising for each specific influencer?
  • How to calculate the total budget for the advertising campaign?

Various types of influencer marketing tools help answer all these questions and resolve all related issues quickly and efficiently.

How to select an influencer marketing tool?

Selecting an optimal influencer marketing solution for your exact business needs may seem a bit perplexing, particularly given the multitude of choices available. When deciding on the correct solution, pay attention to the following points:

  • User-friendliness. As marketers today have to deal with numerous tasks, dedicating hours to mastering new software would be impractical. Therefore, an influencer marketing tool you are searching for should be easy to use to make your working process faster and smarter, not harder.
  • Costs. Consider that an influencer marketing platform should align with your budget while providing the necessary services. Most tools offer several pricing plans to satisfy various needs, and there is always an opportunity to scale up as your requirements grow.
  • Functionality. The platform you are selecting should encompass all the essential features. Assess the suggested filters for narrowing down the search for potential influencers, see if the solution offers analytics and statistics functions, and will the features provided really help you to make an informed decision.

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Today, it is possible to select among numerous influencer marketing software solutions. To help you navigate this multitude, we have selected the top 10 tools for working with content creators and divided them into 5 types, depending on the initial purpose.

Influencer marketing tools for creators’ discovery 

       1. Influencer Analytics on Semrush
Influencer Analytics on Semrush

An all-in-one influencer discovery platform that has all the tools you need to start and manage an advertising campaign with a content creator. It is extremely easy to use, which makes it suitable for influencer marketing beginners and experts.

Key advantages:

  • Influencer discovery and analytics. The platform has a database of over 20 million influencers from YouTube, TikTok and Twitch and over 30 filters that will help you weed out irrelevant ones in a few clicks. The search is divided by social media platforms covered. Each influencer has a profile page with detailed data, which, among other things, helps to identify fake influencers.
  • Content detection. This search tool allows you to find relevant content first, rather than influencers. This gives you insight into what your target audience likes and engages with and helps you find popular content creators, those who do good work, not just those whose names are popular. 

You only need to type the keyword, and you will see the available content from the selected social media platform together with the date of publication, number of likes and comments.

  • Competitor analysis. The tool shows how any brand that is mentioned at least once on social networks works: the total number of influencers working with the brand and the number of mentions, types of advertising with available media, including video; what audience (geographical and demographic) is it aimed at; how much the collaborations cost, etc. A great tool to study your competitors’ strategies:
Influencer Analytics on Semrush
  • Campaign management. A space to create, monitor and evaluate influencer advertising campaigns. Or better yet, call it an assistant: this platform invites you to set campaign goals, invite teammates or clients (they have roles with restrictions for data security), and then the tool does everything itself. You can receive reports at any time, all the necessary calculations are made automatically. The system shows you graphs and details of the entire campaign, each platform selected, and the performance of each influencer involved:
Influencer Analytics on Semrush3

One of the benefits the platform offers is its customisation. You can use the tools you think are necessary for your campaign, can combine them or delete the unnecessary. Of all the types of influencer marketing tools, this one is a comprehensive yet flexible, user-friendly solution that helps to resolve all the issues with market research and competitive analysis.

       2. Upfluence

A platform to discover numerous influencers and some information about their accounts. Upfluence is a tool suitable for those who are already familiar with influencer marketing, as it is fairly complex and may not seem like a perfect solution for beginners.

Key advantages:

  • A search tool with filters that helps you navigate a large database of influencers from various social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Influencer profiles with basic data about their accounts and audiences.
  • Ability to integrate some third-party ecommerce tools such as Shopify, Magento, and others.
  • Availability of tools for influencer relationships and advertising campaign management.

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Influencer marketing solutions for social listening

       3. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is a service for monitoring social networks and measuring performance, management and growth. It can help a business improve its social media advertising campaigns as well as support teamwork.

Key advantages:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Link performance analysis.
  • Search for clients by location and interests.
  • Monitoring the activity of competitors.
  • Organization of contacts.
  • Attracting the audience.
  • Monitoring brand and social competition.
  • Publication on social networks.
  • Fully integrated publishing tools.
  • Centralized analytics and reports.
  • Team collaboration tools.
  • Real-time updates.

Awario is a media and social network monitoring system that allows marketers to analyze brand mentions in the media.

Key advantages:

  • Trend tracking.
  • Audience mood analysis.
  • Analysis of influence and identification of thought leaders. Awario also allows you to manually configure a query for deeper filtering of the analyzed data.
  • Search for potential customers for users, which is carried out based on online recommendations for your product or its analogues.
  • Setting up an email newsletter with summary information based on user settings, as well as segmenting the received data according to user logic.



Pitchbox is a link-building and lead-generation platform for SEO agencies, in-house teams and brands.

Key advantages:

  • Helps to find influencers, leads, and link-building opportunities in record time.
  • Provides an opportunity to send personalized emails and follow-ups and maximize the response rate.
  • Enhances making data-driven decisions using reach analytics and advanced SEO integrations.

NinjaOutreach is a tool that helps you find influencers in any niche, build lists, and launch campaigns in no time.

Key advantages:

  • Powerful research tools.
  • Seamless email and social media outreach.
  • Effective ad campaign management.
  • Reliable reporting and analytics.
  • Available pricing plans.
  • Excellent customer support.

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Influencity started with coverage of Twitter influencers, but it is now much more focused on Instagram, as well as other platforms. Influencity now also has TikTok and YouTube creator data.

Key advantages:

  • Smart search with many filters as the platform also gives you a lot of information about each creator.
  • Lookalike search with bonuses: allows you to find authors with similar interests, but from different segments (for example, mega- and micro-influencers).
  • Checking audience quality and data to ensure that the potential influencer is not a fake and corresponds to the interests of your target audience.
  • Influencity shows you the audience demographics that actually received a  message as part of your marketing campaign.

GRIN is a platform that helps you build authentic, long-term relationships with influencers. Its idea is that influencer marketing should be based on trust between the influencer and the brand. GRIN’s main clients are large ecommerce companies that prefer to do their influencer marketing themselves and hire marketing specialists. The platform covers Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Key advantages:

  • Integration of third-party ecommerce tools including the most popular, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • Integration with email systems (Gmail, Outlook) for faster and easier communication with influencers in the process – meaning you don’t have to leave the platform to talk to your chosen creators.
  • Logistics management when sending products to influencers as part of an advertising or promotional campaign.



Unlike many influencer marketing tools, Creator started exactly as a marketplace. This one was created for small businesses and micro-influencers. Now, Creator has a large database of influencers and a community of brands, which still makes the platform very market-like.

Key advantages:

  • A classic option for influencer search and analytics: you can independently search for creators who meet your requirements and choose the best ones by seeing their statistics. The platform provides deep insights into influencers’ audience interests, demographics, and other statistics.
  • Market-style option: a brand only needs to launch an advertising campaign on the platform, write a description, set the requirements, and then just wait. Influencers will appear to review the offered campaign and either accept or reject it. Bonus: it is possible to see which brands influencers on Creator have already worked with.

Aspire has a community of over 150K creators who search for brand deals as well as functions as a good analytics tool. The platform covers Instagram and YouTube and has some additional features for ecommerce brands. 

Key advantages:

  • A database of influencers who have chosen to be there and meet the eligibility criteria: a creator must have at least 500 likes on Instagram or 2.5k views on YouTube to be named an influencer on Aspire. In addition, Aspire manually checks the quality of each account.
  • A Tinder-like system for matching an influencer and a brand. While you are looking for your ideal creator, they are looking for you.
  • An opportunity to search for content that matches your own aesthetic on Instagram through AI-powered tools used by Aspire for image recognition.
  • A campaign management tool allows a brand to monitor what the influencers involved in a campaign are doing.


Various types of influencer marketing tools can significantly speed up and facilitate the selection of creators, especially when it comes to specific and narrowly targeted requests when certain topics or rare experts are needed.

When choosing a service, it is important to determine the parameters and functions that will be necessary in your work, as well as those features that are desirable, but not required, then test all the services that meet your needs, and only then make a decision.

However, there is an opportunity to save time and resources, delegate all the challenges, and get your influencer marketing campaign launched and managed for you by professionals with 6+ years of experience in influencer marketing. How? You only have to contact Famesters, the full-cycle influencer marketing agency that will find the right creators, analyze your brand and requirements, launch the campaign and report the achievements!

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