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How to encourage app downloads

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There are millions of apps on Google Play store and the App store. To be more exact, it is estimated that Android users are able to choose between 3.55 million apps (making Google Play the biggest app store), and there are about 1.6 million apps for iOS (making the Apple App Store the second-largest app store). What that means for your new, well-designed and very useful mobile app is that you have a huge number of competitors. You need to elaborate a robust strategy to increase your mobile app downloads.

How to encourage users to download your app

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Fortunately, there exist quite many effective methods of how to encourage users to download your app. If you’re ready to develop an effective marketing plan, take time to read this article and get to know actionable strategies and impactful tactics to increase app downloads. You’re going to learn how important are appealing app logos, which is better to prioritize – SEO or ASO, what is the role of effective content creation, and also – how to promote your mobile app with influencer marketing. The team of Famesters, a full-cycle influencer marketing agency, are great experts in the industry who are ready to share recent trends and insights with you. Read further to learn more!


The design of an app icon plays a pivotal role in attracting users. The majority of consumers, about 60%, tend to avoid brands with unappealing logos. Overwhelming 78% of participants of another study consider logos to be “works of art”. Another 42% believe that logos reflect a company’s personality and can indicate whether a business is high quality or not.  

As the initial point of contact in an app store, an app’s icon should not only be attractive but also effectively communicate the brand and the app’s functionality. A well-crafted icon can positively influence download rates, helping an app stand out amidst vast competition. While it’s essential to make the icon eye-catching, it’s equally crucial to keep its design simple and direct to prevent confusion. In essence, the app icon serves as the face of your app brand and needs careful consideration in its design.

Here you can learn about the experience of “Piano Master 2” app creators who wanted to update their logo to stand out from the competition. A/B testing helped them to choose the best design from a number of versions proposed. The difference in conversions between the worst logo and the best one appeared to be fourfold! The final version of the icon increased downloads by 34%.

If you’re developing a mobile app, A/B testing is a great technique to determine how effective a logo is. The results of this case show how much a logo design can influence a user’s decision to download an app.

How to encourage users to download your app


App Store Optimization (ASO) is a strategy aimed at increasing an app’s visibility and download rates within app marketplaces, such as Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. The thing is that most users find apps through app store searches. Studies indicate that browsing in an app store drives 63% of iOS app discoveries and 58% for Android. Much like SEO for websites, ASO focuses on improving various elements related to the app’s listing.

How to encourage users to download your app

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ASO Elements:

Title: An effective app title should be catchy, unique, and descriptive. Avoid generic titles to stand out.

Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords in the app’s title and description. Keywords significantly boost ranking, but stuffing should be avoided.

Description: Should be compelling and keyword-optimized. Overstuffing can lead to penalties.

Screenshots: Visuals should be engaging and offer insight into the app’s functionality. Shots showcasing actual app interface can give potential users a clear idea of its features. Try to use compelling screenshots, photos, and videos on your app page to boost engagement. Highlight the crucial features of your app using design elements like arrows. 

App Usage Metrics: Rankings are influenced by usage frequency, download-to-uninstall ratios, and overall engagement.

Categories: Choose app categories wisely to ensure relevance and avoid overly saturated ones.

Reviews: Positive reviews can bolster app ranking. Favorable reviews tell the app store algorithm that your mobile app is valuable and popular among users. This makes it position your app higher. Thus, your steps to engage users and prompt them for feedback can be as follows:

  • Encourage reviews and testimonials

Reviews act as social proof, convincing potential users of the app’s quality and reliability. You can encourage reviews through in-app messages or follow-up emails, especially after a user has a successful interaction with the app, like completing a task or making a purchase. 

  • Address negative reviews

Negative reviews are inevitable, but they should be minimized as much as possible. The best way to do this is by offering a superior user experience and addressing complaints swiftly.

  • Interact with users

Engaging with users by responding to their comments and complaints builds trust and enhances the app’s credibility. This can also lead to more organic downloads. 

  • Motivate users for referrals

Using a referral program is also one of the effective tactics to increase app downloads. Existing users can be turned into ‘brand ambassadors’ by offering them incentives like free storage space or discounts for referring the app to others.

Importance of localization for ASO

For apps designed with a global audience in mind, localization is crucial. Developing an app in multiple languages can significantly increase its download rate, with studies indicating that merely localizing app keywords can enhance downloads by sevenfold. Many non-English speakers prefer using apps in their native languages. Catering to multiple languages can become a good strategy to increase mobile app download rates, for both Android and iOS platforms. 

Here you can learn about one app developer who has discovered how to encourage app download by 767% with the help of keywords localization.

In essence, ASO is essential for developers seeking better visibility and higher downloads for their apps. Being consistent and attentive to all aspects of optimization can lead to increased app discoverability and success. ASO isn’t a one-time task. Regular refinement and A/B testing can help in achieving optimal results.


Having a dedicated website for your app is a fundamental step in digital marketing. A website enhances discoverability as users still often search for apps or related services on search engines like Google. This online presence should prioritize SEO and feature engaging content like images and teaser videos, having a clear call-to-action leading to the app’s download page. 

Beyond just having a website, integrating a blog is beneficial. This can provide users with updates, tips, and related content that drives more visibility and traffic, eventually boosting app downloads. 

Additionally, websites can aid in data collection for email marketing and further user engagement. Besides, using a dedicated website for your app allows you to employ ad retargeting. This strategy targets ads at visitors who explored your site but didn’t download your app, reminding them about your product on other platforms.

Overall, to effectively market a mobile app, brands should leverage the broader digital ecosystem, ensuring their app is easily discoverable and relevant.


Investing in content is crucial for app promotion. Content marketing can effectively promote various apps. Apart from creating a website and adding blogs to your app’s website, you can promote your app on social media, for example creating YouTube tutorials, or launching a podcast series. A notable example is Evernote, which shares user surveys and productivity-related content. 

Depending on your audience’s preferences, you can use articles, videos, infographics, behind-the-scenes content, and many other formats. Utilize hashtagged campaigns to enhance brand awareness or showcase new features. For instance, gaming apps can benefit from walkthrough videos, showcasing gameplay and visuals. Leveraging user-generated content also fosters a community feeling around your app.

Promote your app effectively on a dedicated website as well as on social media by understanding your target audience and selecting the right platform and the right content formats accordingly.

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Video content

Videos, particularly introduction videos, can significantly increase conversion rates. Ensure they’re concise unless it’s a detailed Q&A or a live stream. Consider creating explainer videos that outline your app’s unique features and functionality, and if needed, seek help from professional video production companies.

To better convey your app’s advantages, create a 30-second demo video highlighting its primary functions and user-friendly features. After production, distribute the video on your website, social media, and within your app store listing.

Consistently publishing relevant content not only attracts users but also improves your website’s SEO. Including pitches for your app within your content can further boost app awareness and interest.


Today we can hardly imagine any marketing efforts without collaborations with relevant content creators. Once you’ve made your best in terms of ASO and SEO, and you’re having a robust content strategy, it’s high time to move further. Promoting your mobile app via influencers can bring you to the next level. This is not only about expanding reach but also about boosting app visibility and trustworthiness. No doubt, it’s quite another thing when a potential user gets to know about a new promising app from a personality who has a particular influence in this or that niche. Trusted experts know very well how to encourage app downloads by reviewing your app in front of their dedicated followers.

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According to the BuzzGuru report, 71% of marketers find that the quality of customers from influencer marketing is much better than from other marketing efforts. Additionally, 92% of consumers admit they have trust in influencers’ advice: they are ready to click their links, and use what influencers suggest using. This is the main reason why the influencer marketing traffic is more qualitative.

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Thus, collaborating with influencers, especially those on platforms like YouTube or specialized platforms, can lead to beneficial exposure. However, it’s essential to choose influencers carefully, considering both their reach, and also the engagement level and relevance of their audience. Here at Famesters we know for sure how to find the best content creators in your niche, what platforms are better for this or that kind of mobile app, and also we are experts in negotiating with influencers. First launching a campaign, we use only 40% of the budget to find out the most advantageous directions. Further, we analyze the result, highlighting the most profitable solutions. Only then we scale the exactly fruitful decisions with the remaining 60% of the budget – getting you a higher ROI.


There’s no doubt that the quality of the app is crucial. Even if you manage to get a lot of downloads, retaining users will be challenging if the app doesn’t meet their expectations. However, in today’s saturated app market, simply having a well-crafted application isn’t enough.  You should focus on providing a great user experience while employing the above strategies and tactics to increase app downloads.

To stand out and achieve remarkable download numbers, a holistic and strategic approach to app promotion is indispensable. Effective methods span from leveraging the power of content marketing and engaging visuals to fostering influencer partnerships and making the most out of user generated content. 

Contact us if you want to know how to encourage your app downloads via partnerships with content creators. Here at Famesters we promise to manage the best A to Z influencer marketing campaign for the benefit of your mobile app. 

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