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How to loop live shopping into your influencer marketing campaigns

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Live (or livestream) shopping is a relatively new trend that is continuing to gain momentum. Globally, 53% of consumers have already participated in at least one live stream shopping event.

A look at social commerce in 2022

Livestream shopping has originated from TV home shopping networks that appeared in the 1980s. Viewers were invited to make a phone call to order what they had just seen on the screen. The concept and key elements are the same for the online version of live shopping: it is real time, with feedback loop for customers, there are product reviews, and most often the opportunity to ask questions about the product demonstrated. If a participant makes his or her mind to buy, there’s a link allowing them to do it in a most comfortable way. Such live shopping events always need to be hosted by some charismatic personality – and this is where you can partner with capable influencers. Looping live shopping into your influencer marketing campaigns is going to be a win-win cooperation for both a brand and an influencer.  

In our article, we’re going to focus on why & how to combine influencer marketing and live shopping, and also how to sell more with influencer-powered livestream shopping. 


Livestream shopping is a form of digital commerce when brands are showcasing their products in real time, and the viewers have an opportunity to ask questions and buy immediately during the broadcast. Such livestream shopping events can take place on a social media platform (like TikTok), a marketplace (Amazon Live), or on the brand’s own website via a special tool (like Quidol, Spoockee, Livescale). 

During a live broadcast viewers have a simultaneous access to:

  • A real-time video transmission, where the products are demonstrated by a host (it can be a brand representative, a professional presenter, an influencer, or all of them at once).
  • A chat, providing an opportunity to comment and ask questions.
  • Links, permitting to purchase products here and now.

You see that livestream shopping lets your brand shorten a potential customer’s efforts: instead of searching for a product and examining the reviews, viewing multiple photos on the product page – now you provide your client with all these pieces of information within one live broadcast. Moreover, you’re going to enhance your brand awareness through educating and inspiring your audience.

So, this is a very engaging way for brands to interact with their customers. A comfortable and entertaining format of live shopping events works perfectly in terms of reaching target audiences.

Speaking about popular types of livestream shopping events, we’ll name just some of them, because they are multiple: it can be product launches, real-time unboxing or tutorial videos, product reviews, live Q&A sessions, contests. Reports say that customers prefer educational content (such as how-to guides, for example). People also love very much when experts are hosting live streams. 

According to the Statista 2022 survey, the core benefits of livestream shopping were the opportunity to make use of special discounts, and also get some sort of inspiration and ideas, as well as to shop in a smarter way making more informed purchase decisions. 

Statista 2022 survey

Source: Statista.com


Places for livestream shopping can be divided into three categories: social media platforms, live shopping tools, and live shopping platforms. 

Social media platforms

YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Pinterest are the most common social media networks having integrated e-commerce features into its native livestream capabilities. It’s worth mentioning that Facebook and Instagram used to be in this category till 2022 and 2023 respectively – until Meta shut down its live shopping features.

YouTube remains the major platform where people find information before making a purchase decision. 87% of users say YouTube helps them make a decision to buy or not to buy faster. Partnership with Shopify has made it easy for brands to import products from their catalogs and have livestream shopping events on YouTube.

TikTok Shop is an e-commerce solution integrated within TikTok. The feature is now available in such countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom. TikTok has beaten enough records in terms of gaining worldwide popularity, so you have to consider it to be a worthy platform for promotion.

Twitch primarily focuses on video games live streaming, but you can also find Twitch live streamers in such niches as eSports, food and music.

Pinterest TV has launched its holiday shopping event to feature content from local and international brands via livestreams. Pinterest TV is also limited geographically and is available in Canada, Australia, the UK, the US, and Germany. 

Live shopping tools

These tools allow brands to run live shopping events within the brand’s own website or the brand partner’s website (for example, a media partner). They are just integrated with the existing tech stack. Bambuser, Now Live, Livescale, Emplifi are just some of them. 

Live Shopping Platforms

Amazon Live is probably the most popular among them. The platform’s creator feature makes it very easy for brands to organize a livestream shopping event. Branded live broadcasts are automatically shown on product detail pages as well as on the Amazon Live homepage. Both brands and content creators can manage livestreams on Amazon Live.


Among other popular live shopping platforms we can list:

  • ShopShops counting around 2.7 million users worldwide.
  • TalkShopLive where followers can find many how-to and shopping guides and tutorials, limited-edition products, and easily connect with their favorite brands and creators.
  • NTWRK, designed to direct visitors toward the products they’re most interested in. The platform focuses mainly on limited-edition streetwear and shoes but seems to expand to more branches.


Undoubtedly, live streams can be successful only hosted by capable presenters. This is where your influencers will show themselves at their best. Choosing an influencer for a live shopping event may be a far more complicated task. One thing is to release pre-created videos. And it is quite another to show up live – knowing that you cannot edit your mistakes, and do have to think on the spot. According to McKinsey consulting firm, micro- and nano-influencers with their dedicated followers will play better in your influencer-powered live shopping events than celebrities.    

One more point for consideration is how well a potential influencer knows your brand and your products. Usually a host of a live stream needs to answer relevant questions from customers. Therefore you should probably send product samples well in advance so that your influencer gets accustomed to them, and feels easy talking about them. It would sound more natural when a presenter is talking about his or her real experience. Otherwise, viewers will definitely notice deceptive behavior. Well, finding a really capable content creator for participating in your live shopping event is just the same challenging and responsible task as choosing your brand ambassador.  

Your following steps (with smart tips)

After having chosen the relevant partner influencer it’s time to solve the following issues.

  1. Choose the date and time. For the first time it’s better not to choose popular dates like Black Fridays.
  2. Decide on no more than 10 products for live shopping promotion. They can be either your bestsellers, or new products you want to launch.
  3. Select the platform where your first live shopping event is going to be hosted. As it was mentioned above, there are three ways: your own website (for this you’ll need special app tools), social media platform, or a marketplace.
  4. Determine a format. It will depend on the type of your product and on your creativity. Apart from the already mentioned formats, we can add to the list apartment tours, quizzes, interviews with experts, live game sessions, “behind-the-scenes” events where you can unveil, for example,how your products are being produced, or how your employees are preparing an order. Moreover you can invent something new in partnership with a highly creative influencer!

More smart options to make your first live shopping event be a success

Include special promotional offers

Sharing discount codes, special for live viewers and limited in time, are necessary to attract potential purchasers. The “fear of missing out” can become a good motivator for consumers. Unique offers (be it a discount, a limited-edition product, or a free product with an order – whatever) make people feel rewarded for having spent their time participating in your livestream shopping event. 

Leverage giveaways

Organizing a giveaway game will make viewers attend the event till the end.

Repurpose the record of your live shopping event

Make use of the record and post it on your accounts so that consumers can get acquainted with your products in such a format. You can also cut the livestream show into small clips and include them into other promotional materials.

Give priority to engagement with your audience

According to Shopify’s tips for a successful social selling strategy, you should “listen first, and sell later”. The goal is to have authentic conversations with your followers and consumers, and not to be too ‘salesy’. If you don’t pay attention to people’s comments and questions during your livestreams, your efforts won’t produce the desired effect. 

Ilia Mundut, HeftyBerry’s (interior decorations brand) founder and CEO says: “You need to prioritize authenticity and engagement above all else. By creating an interactive experience for customers where they can ask questions and provide feedback in real-time, you create a sense of community around your brand that drives loyalty.”

Start organizing the following live shopping event!

Brands can turn livestream events into a meeting point with their community. Organize your live broadcasts on different occasions regularly so that consumers are looking for new opportunities to connect with your brand.


Finally, let’s talk about tangible benefits you can leverage from running shoppable livestreams in cooperation with influencers. 

Your customers get better informed and engaged with your brand

It takes you less time to inform, educate and inspire customers with your products within a livestream shopping event. The viewers can get so much information at once! At the same time they can ask a brand’s representative all the relevant questions. Such conversations automatically increase the level of engagement, help to build a connection between the company and its clients, and make your target audience more loyal to your brand. 

The sales cycle is shortened

During a live shopping event a consumer jumps very quickly from product discovery to product acquisition. Many factors entail this shortening of a sales cycle: 

  • desire to buy that appears from an entertaining product presentation;
  • reassurance elements such as tests, Q&A provided in real time, expert advice, etc;
  • announcing that special promo offers are limited in time. 

Higher conversion rates and lower return rates

Most brands note an increase in website traffic and the overall conversion rates during and after a live shopping event. A live shopping platform Buywith ensures an 8 times increase in conversions, a 10 times higher ROI, and a 40% engagement growth.

Automatically, return rates decrease as consumers get more sure about the products they buy. When a purchase is made via a livestream, the returns are 40% lower, according to Coresight research. “Live streaming is an opportunity to educate the consumer, which is why returns are so much lower—they actually know what they’re buying,” says Coresight’s CEO

Deborah Weinswig.

Giving customers the confidence in products they buy

Viewers naturally become more confident about their purchase decisions. That is the thing that makes livestream shopping such a powerful selling strategy. When product experts and influencers share their real life experience about the product, they give potential customers assurance that this purchase will satisfy their needs.


Initially originated in China and more popular in Asian countries (as for today), livestream shopping is steadily spreading across the US and European countries. If you hesitate, it’s better to get started as soon as possible – to stand out from the competition. According to Coresight Research, the predicted livestream sales in the US will reach $35 billion by 2024. The same study revealed that regularly running live shopping events allows brands to build a repeat viewers base much easier. It helps companies build long-term trust with their clients.  

Live shopping has also become a logical step in brand-influencer relationships. Live shopping perfectly fits into influencer marketing campaigns, as influencers are exactly those ideal presenters able to host your live events. Such a format gives content creators even more freedom allowing them to show up their authentic personality. They are experts in creating engaging content, therefore they can help a brand develop an original concept for a live shopping event. 

But at the same time it becomes more important to choose the relevant influencers from potential candidates. Sometimes even the best content creators are not comfortable in front of cameras in a live format. Thus, it’s a matter of priority to find the most suitable influencer who will be loyal to your products or services and will be ready to meet your brand values and ideas. If you want to know how to loop live shopping into your influencer marketing campaigns, then make haste and contact our proficient influencer marketing agency. Here at Famesters we use all our expertise and knowledge for the benefit of your influencer marketing campaigns. We’re looking forward to developing the best campaign for your brand! 


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