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What is a Brand Influencer

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For the last few years, influencer marketing has been a popular instrument for both big brands as well as medium-sized or small businesses. The industry keeps picking up steam, especially after the COVID-19 pandemia, which impacted so many spheres – and the influencer marketing field is not an exception. People lacking interpersonal communication have started to integrate with Internet societies more actively than ever. Demand generates supply – thus more and more content creators have saturated the Internet environment. Content creating has become a full-fledged job. Today, more than 50 million people consider themselves content creators. Most kids say they would rather become YouTube influencers than doctors or astronauts.   

So what is a brand influencer? 

In terms of influencer marketing, content creators act as ‘brand influencers’ – individuals who can influence the minds of their loyal audience in favor of some brand. The phenomenon is that even if people understand that their favorite content creator is promoting some product or service, nevertheless they perceive it favorably, as if an influencer is an unbiased third party, or a friend recommending something to you. 


Consider the pros of cooperating with an influencer advocating for your brand. 

Audience growth

If you find the right influencer with the relevant target audience, you can easily amplify your following through the influencer’s loyal subscribers. Besides, influencer marketing attracts better, more high-quality customers. That was admitted by 71% of marketers, according to the BuzzGuru report.  

guality of cutomers - traffic from influenser marketing

Improving brand awareness

If you don’t know how to acquaint the audience with your brand or with a new product of your brand, influencer marketing can become a rewarding solution. You’ll get the relevant audience reach introducing your brand to the influencers’ followers. As these people are loyal to their content creator, they are more likely to perceive the information about your brand and products benevolently.

Enhancing trust and credibility leads to increase of conversion and more sales

Imagine that you’re watching a commercial depicting a new yogurt. The producer tries to persuade you that it’s so tasty and good for your health. At the same time you see the same product recommended in some popular mom’s society (you’re committed to) on a social media platform. Your favorite content creator tastes the yogurt in front of the camera proving that it’s tasty indeed. The influencer’s children also loved it so much! Well, what persuaded you to try this yogurt, the commercial or the influencer’s endorsement?    

Statistically, 61% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations. Thus, brands approved by content creators are more credible among customers. There’s a better chance to gain more leads and increase your sales from influencers’ endorsements of your brand. 

Influencer marketing is less expensive and more cost-effective

It is particularly effective to cooperate with a brand influencer if you have a niche audience. Whatever business you have, be it a B2B or B2C company, there exist content creators influencing your target segments. Collaborations with micro-influencers cost less but produce a better ROI thanks to their highly engaged following.

Outsourcing an influencer’s creativity saves time  

It’s a sort of delegation of your work as content creation itself is outsourced. Brands leverage content creators’ creativity as well as content distribution. Thus influencer marketing significantly saves time.

Influencers know better what content resonates with their audiences, what would be more enticing for people, and what would consequently produce more engagement. You surely could provide certain guidelines but let influencers bring their own voice and style to your brand messages. Marketers can now spend the available time on more thorough developing, strategizing, tracking results and analytics within influencer marketing campaigns. 


Partnering with a brand influencer can be either short-term or long-term. Very often a long-term brand-influencer relationship starts with shorter collaborations. 

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Then, if you’re satisfied with the results of this collaboration, you can offer an influencer a sort of cooperation called a brand ambassador program. It would be ideal if this influencer really loves your brand and uses your product or service in daily life. Another important thing when deciding on a brand ambassador is that the content creator of your choice would have a valued opinion in your sphere of interest. When the influencer has a job in the related field, it would be more natural to endorse your products and share the experience not only on social media platforms but also among colleagues and friends in real life.

Your brand ambassador becomes more than a content creator promoting your product or service. This is about finding a personality who shares your brand values and can say honestly: “Yes, I love this brand and I’m happy to use its products”. Your brand ambassador is the one who really becomes the face of your company. 


When choosing an influencer for long-term cooperation try to pay closer attention to these three aspects:

  • Reputation
  • Values
  • Audience


As a rule, businesses prefer non-scandalous content creators. You can check an influencer’s reputation via Google search in terms of controversial situations, frauds or scandals.   

You should also wonder about a potential influencer’s previous collaborations. It will be quite strange if a month ago your influencer promoted a competitor’s product, and now becomes the face of your brand.

Therefore it would be wise to try a short-term cooperation with a brand influencer before offering a long-term partnership. In any case, it’s going to be a scrupulous analysis if you desire to choose the best of the potential candidates. A team of Famesters influencer marketing experts are ready to assist you with this and many other tasks, as we have a wealth of experience in the industry. 


What is behind the words ‘sharing a brand’s values’? It’s crucially important that a brand ambassador’s lifestyle would be coherent with an idea you bring with your brand. It’s an odd situation when an influencer ignoring sports, for instance, advocates for a new collection of sportswear. 

Well established values serve to create a deep emotional connection between a brand and its customers. Therefore a brand ambassador should also be a part of this connection. 


It goes without saying that your brand ambassador should have a relevant audience – people you want to reach with your brand message. You should compile social demographics statistics about the influencer’s audience, as well as get to know the content creator’s followers’ interests. Learn also the engagement rates and the proportion of the influencer’s comments. A micro-influencer usually has at least 5-10% of authentic comments. It will show how often and how effective is the interaction between this content creator and the followers.

Fake followers and frauds   

It’s a separate topic to discuss. 64% of businesses are concerned about influencer fraud –  however this is not a common practice today. There are special services that help check an influencer in terms of real or fake subscribers. Here at Famesters we use our own smart AI tool allowing us to identify fraudsters and choose content creators that would act as high-performing influencers.

If you try to value an influencer’s audience following manually, then pay attention to the proportion of likes, views and comments. On average, there are 100 likes on 1 comment, and 2-5 times more views than likes. Besides, it would be useful to look at the influencer’s subscriber growth graphs: if there are a lot of ‘sharp peaks’, it may indicate that the followers don’t increase organically but due to contests and giveaways. When a contest is finished, the vast majority of people just unsubscribe.

The good news is that for the last few years, influencer frauds have been diminishing thanks to implementing special tools to discover fraudsters. In general, brands benefit from influencer marketing platforms and agencies and don’t think it’s challenging to find a proper influencer.

How Easy it is for Brands to Find Appropriate Influencers


You see that you should carefully vet content creators, especially if you choose the one for a brand ambassadorship which is a sort of very deep cooperation with a brand influencer. It’s worth emphasizing that it would be a winning solution for you to opt for an individual who really loves your product or service, and who shares the same values as your brand. All sorts of controversial behavior or low-quality content can damage your reputation, doing more harm than good. 

Here at the Famesters influencer marketing agency we know how to mitigate these risks, and establish a fruitful long-term relation either with a brand influencer or a brand ambassador. We know how to provide clear guidelines, communication and contracts with influencers you desire to work with. Contact us to learn more about brand influencer marketing campaigns. If you’re just entering the industry or need some tests to tap into a new geo, we’ll help you test the waters before you’re ready to make more long-term commitments.

Frequently asked questions about brand influencers

What is a brand influencer?

A brand influencer is a content creator who leverages their established credibility and reach within a specific niche or audience to promote and recommend products or services. These individuals have built a loyal following based on trust, authenticity, and expertise. By partnering with your brand, influencers can sway their audience’s opinions and purchasing decisions, acting as intermediaries who provide a perceived unbiased recommendation.


Why should my business consider using a brand influencer?

Brand influencers offer several benefits for businesses:

  • Audience growth. They help expand your reach by tapping into their loyal and engaged follower base.
  • Brand awareness. Influencers introduce your brand to new, relevant audiences, making your brand more recognizable.
  • Credibility and trust. Recommendations from influencers are often more trusted than traditional ads, as influencers are seen as relatable and genuine.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Influencer marketing can be more affordable and yield higher ROI, especially when partnering with micro-influencers.
  • Time saving. Outsourcing content creation to influencers allows your team to focus on strategy and analytics, optimizing your overall marketing efforts.


How can brand influencers improve my brand’s credibility?

Brand influencers improve it by:

  • Authentic endorsements. Their genuine use and endorsement of products create an impression of authenticity and trust.
  • Personal connection. Followers often view influencers as friends, valuing their opinions and recommendations highly.
  • Peer influence. Seeing an influencer use and recommend a product can make followers more likely to trust and try the product themselves, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Statistics support. According to studies, 61% of consumers trust influencers’ recommendations, which significantly boosts a brand’s credibility.


What are the different types of cooperation with influencers?

There are several ways to collaborate with influencers:

  • Short-term collaborations. These are often initial engagements to test the waters, such as sponsored posts, product reviews, or giveaways.
  • Long-term partnerships. If initial collaborations are successful, these can evolve into ongoing relationships where influencers consistently promote your brand over time.
  • Brand ambassadorships. This involves a deeper level of commitment where the influencer becomes the face of your brand, regularly using and promoting your products and embodying your brand values in their content.
  • Event collaborations. Influencers can also participate in brand events, such as product launches or exclusive experiences, to generate buzz and content.


What factors should I consider when choosing a brand influencer?

When selecting an influencer, consider the following:

  • Reputation. Ensure they have a positive public image and no history of scandals or controversies that could harm your brand.
  • Values alignment. The influencer’s values and lifestyle should align with your brand’s ethos and message.
  • Audience relevance. Their followers should match your target demographic to ensure your marketing efforts reach the right people.
  • Authenticity of followers. Verify that their followers are genuine and not inflated by fake accounts. You can see how the Famesters influencer marketing agency protects brands from influencer fraud here.


How can I start a successful long-term partnership with a brand influencer?

  • Start small: Begin with short-term collaborations to evaluate fit and effectiveness.
  • Evaluate Performance: Assess the results of initial campaigns to see if the influencer meets your expectations.
  • Genuine connection: Ensure the influencer genuinely likes and uses your products, as authenticity is crucial for long-term success.
  • Shared values: Verify that the influencer’s values and lifestyle align with your brand’s message and ethos.
  • Clear communication: Establish clear guidelines, expectations, and communication channels to maintain a productive relationship.
  • Contractual agreement: Formalize the partnership with a contract outlining roles, responsibilities, and performance metrics.
  • Ongoing engagement: Keep the influencer engaged with your brand through regular updates, exclusive offers, and continuous support to nurture the relationship.


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