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How to check influencer audience demographics

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Promoting products and services through social media influencers is a popular tool both large and small companies use. People trust opinion leaders, so their recommendations work more effectively than traditional advertising. However, finding a reliable creator can become challenging: some deceive advertisers, and others do not meet the agreements.

The travel and tourism industry makes no exception. Before travel agencies approach content creators, they need to get prepared. Below, top specialists of Famesters agency speak about the general principles of influencer marketing for travel brands.


The target audience of an influencer is a group of people who, for one reason or another, are interested in the content they propose. These users are as involved and active as possible. These followers will like the posts, write comments, repost, leave reactions, and participate in competitions and sweepstakes. In addition, they are more likely to order the product or service offered by the influencer.

Understanding the influencer’s audience is the key to an influencer marketing campaign’s success. Why? Here we can use an analogy with fishing. Depending on what kind of fish the fishermen want to catch, they choose the appropriate bait. Likewise, a brand starts a collaboration with a creator whose target audience matches the audience of the brand. Perfect match.

What will the audience analysis give you? 

  • Understanding key audience segments. You can divide the influencer’s followers into groups based on interests, pain points, goals and other important parameters.
  • A vision of what kind of content suits different segments. You will understand what is interesting to certain people who are following the creator.
  • Opportunity to increase loyalty. You will learn how to make the audience feel positive emotions towards your brand’s products or services, become loyal viewers and spread the word about you.
  • Understanding how to create offers that will resonate. By understanding people’s pain points, needs, and decision-making paths, you can formulate triggers for targeted action.
  • Knowledge about the influencer audience demographics. Characteristics of people who will be interested in your brand’s products after the advertisement. You will receive the full portrait of a person, including age, gender, geolocation, field of activity, marital status, hobbies and much more.

Thus, by analyzing the creator’s audience, you will have an opportunity to select the right direction for marketing campaign development. Involving the right people, the engagement rates will grow and the advertising posts will reach a large number of people. 

So how to check influencer audience demographics? Will overview below.

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There are three ways to check the influencer’s audience on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok:

  1. Request the necessary data from the creator. All social media provide the audience data to the account owners, so you can ask an influencer to submit the necessary information before starting an advertising campaign.
  2. Collect the data manually. You can collect the data yourselves but it will only be possible for the indicators that are open to everyone. Thus, you will get the info about the number of followers and their likes and comments under the latest creator’s posts. However, receiving the data on demographics this way will be very effortful and time-consuming.
  3. Applying various influencer analysis tools. The data is collected by the services, you only need to analyze and draw conclusions correctly. Even if you don’t have much experience, the necessary service will calculate everything for you and show you the information in the form of handy diagrams. After studying several accounts, you will understand the main indicators and be able to find answers to the main questions. What’s the target audience, are the followers involved, to what extent, etc?

By the way, there is always an option to ask the Famesters agency for help. We apply advanced AI-driven technologies and tools to collect and analyze the influencers’ data for our clients and also collect and check data manually, too. Moreover, we specifically study creators’ data for the signs of fake followers and fraud. We ensure that the influencers selected will meet your requirements and the interests of your target audience, do a fair job, and that all the campaign stages will pass in a trouble-free way. 

So what demographic metrics need your special attention?

  • Geography & language
Audience geo and language

This data is important to consider if your advertising is targeted at residents of a certain country, city or region. Many influencers can run an English-language account, but for some reason have a dominant percentage of representatives from another country. In this case, advertising offers operating in the United States may be less effective. The same principle applies not only to countries but also to cities. Conventionally, if a creator’s audience is 70% residents of New York, the meaning of promoting a small-town store that does not provide delivery services is lost since the target audience segment is very small.
The percentage of subscribers from a country or city should be approximately equal to the likes of the audience from the same country or city. Simply put, if the influencer’s main audience is from the US but the likes come mostly from India and Turkey, then this can be a sign of fraud.

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  • Gender and age ranges

Audience age and gender

The next criterion after geography is the audience’s gender and age. Everything is simple here, if the advertisement is aimed at an audience of a certain gender, then you select the creator whose audience matches the target. 

For example, it is quite obvious that an account mostly followed by girls, advertising car spare parts will be in less demand. Just like in an account where the majority of the audience is men, advertising about decorative cosmetics is unlikely to be effective. In other words, if the percentage is unequal, it is worth considering which segment dominates. However, if your product is designed for both men and women, and the creator has more women subscribers, this is not a reason to refuse the campaign. You can simply adapt your advertising offer to a female audience to achieve greater conversion.

If the account is mostly followed by people under 16-18 years old, they are likely limited in budget, that is, the purchasing power of the audience in this case will be low. Subscribers will not be ready to respond to advertising offers from premium brands. That is why, if, for example, you are advertising sports watches, your target audience will be limited to the age category from 20 to 45 years, not teenagers.

  • Interests

Audience interests

This indicator may seem less connected with the demographics in general, but it contributes to the understanding of the influencer’s audience. It helps to see if your products or services can be of interest to the followers. Moreover, you can think about the type of content that can align with their interests and will help to make your brand even more visible.


Analyzing an influencer’s followers on social media is an integral stage of advertising campaign planning. It is necessary to understand who makes up the core of the creator’s audience, where they are from, and if you can speak a common language. This is important for placing advertising that hits correctly and engages your target audience.

If you want your influencer marketing campaign to reach the target audience and bring the maximum results, reach out to Famesters via email at [email protected] and we will find the influencer that is connected to your exact audience.  


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