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How-to guide on TikTok engagement rate

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The main marketing forecast for the year 2024 is video-based interaction. Therefore it’s important for marketers to keep abreast in order to respond to customers’ preferences. An incredibly popular and genuine social media platform for this sort of interaction is certainly TikTok.

Let’s start with some TikTok stats that will speak for themselves.

 TikTok is the social media platform people spend the most time on

Average time spent on social media in 2022
  • Currently TikTok has over 1B active users per month.
  • TikTok is the most installed app in the world.
  • TikTok organic engagement rate is 15% higher in comparison with any other social media channel.
    $23,58B is the predicted
  • TikTok ad revenue (by the end of 2024). In percentage, it’s 155% of the average growth rate.
TikTok ad revenue 2019-2024
Marketers Didgital Platform Investment Plans for 2023


But what makes TikTok to be the most engaging platform? Probably the secret is in its unique and fresh content, on the one hand, and in TikTok demographic, on the other hand. TikTok’s audience are mostly females aged 18-24 who demonstrate active engagement with social media content. Some marketers can argue that TikTok users are too young and don’t match the age of their target audience. However, the same Instagram platform also has started its successful way with a younger audience. Thus you are going to get a step ahead of your competitors if you “grow” the audience loyal to your brand on TikTok

Further, TikTok’s algorithm supports authentic creators, and it’s easier to become popular here than on any other social network. You don’t need expensive equipment or complex software to make a short video. Compare it with YouTube, for example, where videos are expected to be of high quality.

So many trends have been appearing again and again on TikTok. Your next video will also have all the chances to go viral, and your TikTok engagement will take wing if you thoroughly examine the information below.


Like on any other social media platform your success is measured in terms of the engagement rate, because engagement reveals the response of the audience to your messages whatever they might be – posts, comments, video reactions, shares, etc. Everything that manifests people’s attention can be regarded as engagement. On the whole that includes the total number of views, likes, comments and shares. These are the most common forms of interaction between the audience and the content produced. The most widely used formula to calculate your engagement rate on TikTok is the following:


[(# of likes + # of comments + # of shares) / # of views] x 100%


So, you have to sum up all the likes, comments and shares and divide the total sum by the number of views. Using this formula you can get to know the engagement rate of a particular video. If you need to calculate the average engagement rate of your account, you should analyze 20 or more of your latest posts. Again, you combine all the likes, comments and shares your videos gained in total, and divide the sum by the total number of views. Multiplying by 100 will give you the rate as a percentage. As it was mentioned before, a good engagement rate for TikTok is higher than anywhere. It fluctuates between 4, 5% and 18%. To compare, consider the average 1-3% engagement on other social media platforms. The chart below demonstrates how the average engagement rate of content creators varies depending on the number of the account subscribers.


Brands can use analytics tools provided by social media platforms to measure their rate. However, lots of marketers have taken technological innovations at their service, thus outperforming their competitors. If you want to save time and get a profound analysis of your account as well as statistics from your competitors, and determine your brand strategy on TikTok accordingly, then you can turn to the Famesters full-service agency. Our influencer marketing specialists use their own AI app developed exclusively for marketers who are making up their minds on launching an influencer marketing campaign.


If you want to achieve high organic engagement for your brand account, the following set of guidelines is for you.

  • First of all, TikTok is a platform for active users. It’s crucially important to post your content regularly. It will be good to have a schedule for your videos. The ideal posting frequency will be 1-3 videos a day. Analyzing the “For You” tab will be helpful in identifying a number of similarities between the popular videos. Most commonly these will be 10 to 20 seconds long videos with 1 to 3 hashtags. You can also place a call-to-action in the video caption that will remind the viewers to engage with your content. What could it be? You might encourage people to like and comment, to follow the link or a series of videos.
  • Remember about the attention span as well. It is lower than ever, thus the three-second rule for TikTok means that the first 3 seconds of your video do have to grab the audience’s attention so much that people won’t skip through the video without watching to the end. If you keep a good pace of releasing videos relevant to the TikTok algorithm, then you’ll have more chances to appear on “For You” pages and your engagement rate will get higher.
  • Plus, the TikTok algorithm prompts videos that often reflect some trends. If you somewhat use these trendy ideas, sounds or filters in your own videos, you’re going to resonate with other TikTokers, and gain more engagement from the platform’s active users. So, if TikTok trends and challenges are appropriate to your brand values don’t hesitate to leverage them. Collaboration with TikTok influencers is very important in this regard. The content creators are those very people who are always aware of all the TikTok trends and tools for engagement improvement. It has been proved by researchers that the ROI of influencer marketing is 11 times greater than other kinds of advertising. 
  • Another essential thing to be popular and get a good engagement rate on TikTok is to interact closely with your audience as well as with other content creators. The more you comment on others’ videos the more mutual exchanges you will receive. Responding to comments promptly will also make people feel engaged in your content. Here you can find some smart ways of how you can interact with your TikTok followers.


TikTok makes it possible to reply to comments not only with text but in a video format. People are likely to appreciate such personal touch. Besides, video replies can be humorous and that is appealing to almost any user. Replying in a video format helps not only to engage the audience more effectively but also allows you to place more video content in front of viewers.  


These are two exclusive features for which only TikTok users have access. The Stitch option makes it possible to add a part of some other TikToker’s video to yours, or vice versa: you can edit videos of other TikTokers by adding a part of your video to theirs. It can be done if users allow being stitched with them in their profiles. One of the forms of using this feature is to ask a question in your own video so that other TikTokers would be motivated to stitch with you.

The Duet feature also provides a wide scope for engaging creativity. Using this option you can make a remix to someone else’s video or to your own earlier recorded video. The idea is that you make a try to repeat some action from the original video. The same as with the Stitch feature, you can make duets for permitted videos. The author of the original video is then notified that you’ve made a duet. Most commonly duets are singing or dancing videos, however there is enough space for other sorts of creativity. For instance, you can arrange a competition in something (a funny sports trick, a cooking recipe challenge, or a kind of a tongue twister with your brand name – whatever!). In this case you are making a video especially for duets, thus people are encouraged to engage in your content and make a remix to your video.


In March 2021 TikTok set off one more option for its users. Now creators can add Question and Answer feature to their profile. Enabling this feature you can both ask and answer questions of other users. The more questions you ask and the more answers you provide, the more attention you will attract within the platform. When you answer people’s questions they are pleased to get noticed and become more loyal to you and your content. Some creators use the Q & A option to ask their followers about what videos they are willing to watch next. Thus it’s a great way to create more relevant content as well as to increase people’s engagement and build strong relationships with your audience.


Hosting live streams is a next level of interaction with the target audience. It may seem to be more difficult than other TikTok tools but at the same time this is a most engaging way of communication. The opportunity to connect with you in real time makes the attitude towards you more personal. Within a live stream it’s possible to answer more questions and speak more in-depth on this or that subject. It’s very helpful to use this interaction tool to reach your audience and make them feel more engaged.


To wrap up, TikTok is a unique platform where people start connecting and interacting, where brands meet their customers, and where it’s so easy to go viral and win popularity. To achieve more engagement on TikTok you might consider using influencer marketing tools along with making efforts in promoting your account with TikTok instruments. TikTok analytics tools reveal a lot of information about your audience’s location, demographic, video performance and other. TikTok influencer marketing agency can make a comprehensive report for you that will unveil your strengths and weak points on TikTok as well as choose the best influencers to collaborate with in your niche. The professionals will also help you to build the whole marketing campaign based on findings from your TikTok analytics. If you want your brand to become a TikTok trend, do not hesitate to turn to specialists who would exploit smart digital tools to your advantage. Make your advertising campaign consist of data-driven steps and achieve your performance goals!   

Frequently asked questions about TikTok engagement rate

It depends on the type of the influencer you are checking. Micro-influencers usually have a higher level of engagement than mega-influencers. Also, the average level of engagement on TikTok can vary based on numerous factors such as the content, genre, creator’s personality, etc. However, the typical engagement rate fluctuates between 4.5% and 18%. This is considerably higher than the average 1-3% engagement seen on other social media platforms. Here you can find a table that shows TikTok engagement rate benchmarks for different types of influencers.

Considering the averages, any engagement rate that falls within or above the 4.5% to 18% range would be considered good on TikTok. However, a higher engagement rate is always more desirable as it indicates a higher level of interaction from the audience. Check what levels of engagement rate on TikTok are poor, average, good, and excellent for different types of influencers.

A high level of engagement on TikTok would be an engagement rate that significantly exceeds 12%. However, this depends on the size of the account’s followers. For smaller accounts, a higher engagement rate is often seen because of the closer-knit community and stronger connection between the creator and the audience.

The Famesters agency considers all the goals our clients have for each campaign. How exactly to measure the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign depends on what KPIs were set. Usually measuring requires looking at several metrics, such as:

  • Engagement rate. Calculated by the total number of likes, shares, and comments divided by views, multiplied by 100%.
  • Reach and impressions. The total number of unique viewers who saw the campaign, and how many times the content was viewed.
  • Conversion rate. The number of desired actions (like website visits, sign-ups, or purchases) that occurred as a result of the campaign.
  • Follower growth. An increase in the number of followers after the campaign could indicate its effectiveness.
  • ROI. This is the return on investment. For every dollar spent on the influencer campaign, how much did we earn back?

Using a mix of these metrics can give a comprehensive view of a campaign’s effectiveness.

  1. Post regularly. It’s suggested to post 1-3 videos a day to maintain your audience’s interest and engagement.
  2. Leverage trends. Participate in trending challenges, use popular sounds, and leverage viral hashtags. This boosts the chances of your content gaining visibility and interaction.
  3. Respond promptly to comments. Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments on your videos, as this can increase viewer loyalty and interaction.
  4. Use features like Stitch and Duet. This allows you to engage with other creators’ content and audience, increasing the visibility and reach of your account.
  5. Conduct Q&As and live streams. Real-time interactions can significantly boost engagement levels and help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Reposting content can be a double-edged sword. While it might bring your content to new viewers who missed it the first time, over-reposting can bore your existing followers. It’s crucial to strike a balance and focus on creating fresh, original content to maintain and boost engagement rates on TikTok.

TikTok’s algorithm favors content that generates immediate engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and watch time. By creating content that resonates and encourages active participation, your content is more likely to be promoted on users’ “For You” page, increasing visibility.

TikTok ads can be a powerful tool to boost visibility and engagement, especially for new accounts or those looking to expand their reach quickly. With targeted ads, you can introduce your content to a broader, yet still relevant audience, potentially increasing your organic engagement as well.


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